Customer Reviews

Piecemaker press inlay stamps
I'm glad I got a cheaper item before going in. The stock pile of these inlays is all tainted. I did not use product and waited to use till I hear back so I can return but I never hear back. Dont be to nice here. :(
GreenBroz 420 Dry Trimmer Commercial
The Greenbroz 420 trimmer is one of the best I have used. This machine cut my buds close to hand trim, the guys at California Trim Store were the best from start to finish. Great dry trimmer great service 5 stars!
01/24/2020Gonzo R
Mean Green Trimming Machine IR12HC ( Hand Crank)
I have a small grow op and was looking for something in the lower price range, the mean green hand crank was my choice and it has done the job of 10 friends. I am very pleased with the machine and the customer service I got here at california trim store. Thanks guys! will be coming back in the future.
01/24/2020Lenny T
GreenBroz 215 Dry Standard Trimmer
Just used my GreenBroz dry trimmer, and its a precision cutting machine. My buds came out nicer then hand trimming. Glad I choose the right cannabis trimmer for my operation. Nice work GreenBroz!
01/24/2020Jay H
The t4 is by far one of the best purchases I have made this machine cuts buds as fast as you can load them in. A bit loud but well worth the noise. I would recommend the twister t4 to anyone who hates cutting by hand, a job that took 20 hours with hand sheers takes 2 hours. Ron.
01/24/2020Ron cutter
Grasshopper Extractor 4.20
First off let me start this review by saying the owner of this online store was very helpful and I cant thank him enough for the help and support. Now moving onto this machine. Its not even worth half of the cost in my opinion. I Bought this machine thinking it looked a little more practical than the other ones for sale. My first runs with the machine were a disaster. Once the co2 is turned on the pressure blows the whole top up enough to blow all the product out and onto the ground. After talking to their reps and getting no where for a solution i am out the $5200 and their only solution was a piece of styrofoam Very disappointing. I have given up on trying to return or make things right at this point. If your looking for a co2 processor this is not the machine keep looking.
The Kief Thief Dry Sift Extractor
Ive been using the Kief Thief for over a year now and have ZERO complaints. The guy who makes these is awesome. You can call or email and he responds helpfully. The motor is still running strong after 1 year and it doesnt destroy my flower in the kiefing process. I highly recommend this bad boy to anyone looking for an easy to use dependable kief extractor.
2 in 1 Automatic Trimmer
2 in 1 is a work horse cant beat this for the price
01/24/2020Larry Koler
Mean Green Trimming Machine IR12PRO
Seen the mean green trimmer in some videos online so I decided to purchase one I couldnt have been happier this dry trimmer rocks. Anyone looking for a durable easy to use dry Marijuana trimmer check this bad boy out.
01/23/2020Dave R.
Diamond Edge Dry Trimmer
We had a chance to use the Diamond Edge trimmer this week and is worked like a champ quick easy and most importantly to me the quality of the the flowers was not compromised
Grasshopper Extractor 4.20
lbs lbs lbs of beautiful clean crystals. no broken heads perfect for rosin press. Dont waste co2 with full blast. Slow your roll. Or freeze it before hand. Ive used roller cages etc. This is the easiest quickest cleanest way. Wanna move faster buy an extra set of screens. Double time.
01/23/2020These hands
Eztrim Drone Bud Trimmer
Purchased the drone trimmer this summer and could not be more happy with the outcome, close to hand trim, easy to use and clean.
Twister T6 Wet Trimmer
Took advantage of the wet tumbler with the free dry tumbler special, we have been doing wet trim for years and decided to try the dry tumbler on a batch and I am going to say trimming dry the buds came out much nicer. Great machine and great deal for anyone doing wet or dry. Pat was great to work with. Highly recommended.
01/23/2020Paul of Oregon
Triminator MINI Dry Trimmer
I ordered the Triminator Mini it arrived lightening fast, and was easy to set up. I couldnt be more pleased as it trimmed my buds as good as if I was doing hand trim. Great machine and great service. Thanks guys Noel
01/23/2020Noel K.
Mini Zoom Double Barrel Trimmer
Bad ass machine. Cant wait to open it up and trim some buds.
01/23/2020Trim Time
EZ Trim Satellite Wet & Dry Trimmer
The Satellite trimmer was recommended by my friend so I took a shot was shipped very quickly, easy to set up. Love the stereo addon will leave more feedback once we have ran this beast.
01/23/2020Josh P
Strip It Up Leaf Debudder
After speaking with the folks here and understanding there was no returns and limited information on the machine we went and took a chance. We are very happy with the results, it isnt the prettiest machine like a lot of the high priced competitors but it did what it was intended to do. We are happy with the purchase.
01/23/2020Farmer Kyle
Strip It Up Leaf Debudder
Took a chance on this machine and was greatly surprised. Works great with wet plants, a bit aggressive for dry plants in my opinion. well worth the price.
TPH 512 Joint Rolling Machine
Great machine, worked very well with the 98 raw cones. Will recommend to others!
01/22/2020Growers Union
Doob Cube & Drop Box Pre Roller
The Doob Cube produces the perfect cones and the craftsmanship is on point. My buddy has two.
03/19/2019Matt C.
Cheap stand, Cheap clamps, cheap seals. Practically fell apart after the first day. Way over priced.
Centurion TableTop Pro
Great service ordered at the machine was literally at my door the next day and was free shipping awesome. Machine worked great would highly recommend to others.
03/04/2018Noel K.
GreenBroz CannaGin 215 Destemmer
Outdoor lovers dream come true the cannagin 215 saved our butts! A huge time saver if your de-stemming large number of plants and time and work are a concern. Great invention GreenBrozs!
10/24/2016Cut above the rest
Triminator Dry bud trimmer
Great machine. Worked out of the box. Cleaning it was a breeze. Highly recommended.
18” Clear Top Motorized Bowl Trimmer
Bought this bowl trimmer because it was cheap in my price range and wish I spent more on a better machine.
05/17/2016Raul L
Trim Reaper Trimming Machine
This is my second trim reaper trimmer I love this machine and recommend it to all my buds. Glad its back in stock. Thanks guys!
05/16/2016Pete F
TrimIt Dry5000 Dry Trimmer
Great machine. Would suggest the trimit dry5000 dry trimmer to anyone whose trimming dry leaf bud and wants to spend a minimum amount of money.
05/05/2016Corry R.
Mean Green Trimming Machine IR16Pro
Great machine would recommend to all.
04/13/2016Steve M.
ThunderVak S Series Table Trimmer
Worked as intended saved me time and money not having to hire extra hands.
TrimPal Dry Bud Trimmer
This machine saved me countless hours and if you live in a place where noise is a issue this unit was as quiet as a mouse. Trimpal saved me $$$ and time you guys get my five stars.
03/12/2016Fresno Bill
Mean Green Trimming Machine HY16PRO
Great machine! Worked like butter
07/18/2015Lorwance Wilks