Ox Box Bucker

Built to fill a need

  Since 2014, I have been running a bud trim machine rental company, clients have been asking for a quality bucking machine to add to our inventory. After searching in vain for a bucker that would 1: Do a great job of bucking both wet and dry material. 2: Stand up to daily operation, I decided to tap into my 20+ years of design and fabricating skills coupled with my knowledge of harvesting cannabis to build a "Better Bucker"... "The Ox Box Bucker".

The design process

  I started with durability. Thick anodized aluminum plates for the main structure. Stainless steel for the front plate, cut plate and all bolts.

  Then performance: 440 stainless steel cut plate with five hole sizes, to fit any stem "just right", two 5" rubber rollers for a strong grip and a 3/4 horse power variable speed motor geared down 6:1 for plenty of torque.


Field tested

After building a prototype, we went into test mode. We ran every different type of cannabis we could (wet, dry, indoor, outdoor, small stem, big stem, and everything in between). After several rounds of modifications, we have arrived at a quality product that is durable, efficient, fast and gentle on your buds.

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