EZPrep DeBudder (TT)

EZPrep DeBudder (TT)

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Product Code:EZPrep DeBudder (TT)
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EZPrep DeBudder (TT)
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EZPrep DeBudder (TT)

EZPrep DeBudder (TT)

The DeBudder is the first step in the Total Harvest Solution. The DeBudder gently removes the buds and even the fan leaves from the stem. Simply cut the plant down, separate individual branches from the stem, and then run the branches through the holes. One person using this machine could multiply his productivity by up to 5 times. Using the speed control, you can run dry material at slow speeds and wet material at higher speeds. Buds can be immediately put through the Bud Sorter or can be directly transferred to the Satellite. The DeBudder is a great preventative measure against bottlenecking and wasted time. This is the tabletop version of the debudder. It comes with shorter legs and without wheels.


The EZProcess Debudder is the best bud bucker on the market at a fraction of the cost of any competing machine. With it’s ability to remove wet or dry buds from their stems, the Debudder changed the game in 2017 and is truly the connoisseur’s choice of bucking machines. This is the tabletop version of the debudder. It comes with shorter legs and without wheels.


  • Works with wet or dry buds
  • Toggles forwards and reverse
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Adjustable tip sizes
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Durable


  • 120 Volts
  • 15 Amps
  • 60 Hertz

Size / Weight

  • 15” x 23” x 44”
  • 78lbs
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