Extra Drum for Pollinator P150

Extra Drum for Pollinator P150

Brand:Mila's Famous Pollinator
Product Code:Drum for Pollinator P150
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Extra Drum for Pollinator P150 Extra Drum for Pollinator P150 - Standard 145 micron, 185 micron and a 120 micron drums available.

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Extra Drum for Pollinator P150


120 - 145 -185 Extra Drum for Pollinator® P150

Holds ~150 g plant material
Screen: 120 micron or 185 micron or 145 micron ( Choose Screen Size before Checkout1 Screen per order.

The 120 µm screen drum is ideal for plant material with overall smaller resin glands.
Our Pollinator® functions as a sieve – plant material is retained within the drum, while all the resin glands are allowed to pass through the screen.

To obtain the highest quality product while maintaining a high yield, your screensize is ideally slightly wider than the largest crystals in your plant material.
The size of resin glands can vary wiedly from plant to plant and depends on many genetic and environmental factors.

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