High Tech 6lb Shredder/Grinder

High Tech 6lb Shredder/Grinder

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Product Code:High Tech 6lb Shredder/Grinder
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High Tech 6lb Shredder/Grinder
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(NEW LARGER SIZE MODEL) High Tech 6lb Shredder/ Grinder

High Tech 6lb Shredder/ Grinder
High Tech 6lb Shredder/ Grinder

The 6lb shredder and grinder, allows for grinding leaf to the perfect consistency in a short amount of time. The new size allows for double the volume of the 110 cup shredder. The machine uses whips rather than blades so you have a uniformed consistency no matter what. An upgraded motor includes a built-in circuit breaker. This does require a dedicated 20amp circuit. If you love the 110 cup shredder but need to increase your processing capacity, this is the machine for you!


The 6lb shredder can process around 6lbs of material in 10-15 seconds depending on moisture levels.

The grinder uses whips rather than blades so there is never any powder unless you want powder.

The system is built in the USA. A single operator can process 200 lbs a hour.

Weight: 50Lbs

Motor: 3/4 horse dayton UL

Timer: 1-15 seconds UL

Power: Volts 115 Amps-11/Startup 5.4/Run  15 amp breaker Minimum

Material: Stainless Steel

Whips: Nylon 6/6 food grade


110 Cup Industrial Shredder (Replacement Whips)


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