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How To Make Rosin

  1. how to make rosin


    To make rosin, you can use dry flowers/trim, dry sift/kief, or bubble hash. Regardless of your starting material, the process is the same – apply pressure and heat to create an organic, solvent free cannabis oil. In addition to your plant material, you’ll need parchment paper, micron filter bags, a collection tool, and your rosin press.

    Rosin Tech Filter Bags
    When pressing whole flowers, filter bags are optional, but for any other material you need to use a micron filter bag. The smaller the micron rating number, the tighter the filter and the higher quality oil you’ll end up with. The larger micron rating numbers have wider holes, which means less filtering and a higher yield. Fill your bag, but don’t over stuff it. It’s important to leave some room to prevent blowing out your bag during the press.

    Our RTP Rosin Filter Bags range from 25um – 220um. Filter size is a personal preference, but we recommend following micron ratings:

    – Bubble Hash: 25-45um

    – Dry Sift/Kief: 45-90um

    – Flower: 90-120um (or no bag)

    – Trim/Leaves/Shake: 120-220um

    Parchment Paper
    Once you have your material in your bags, you’ll put it between parchment paper before pressing. We offer Black Label paper which is milled in the US, is FDA approved and Kosher compliant. It works great, does not tear easily, and can withstand the high levels of heat used in the process.



    Every strain is different and will react different to temperature and length of press. We recommend starting with a small sample first. Test your material within 170-230F for 15-60 seconds until you lock in the optimal settings for your material.

    Each strain will react differently, but we recommend testing at these temperatures depending on your starting material:

    – Bubble Hash: 175F

    – Dry Sift/Kief: 190F

    – Flower: 210F

    – Trim/Leaves/Shake: 220F



    Place your material in between the parchment paper and engage the press. Once completed, remove the filter bag or flower from the parchment paper, and your rosin will be yielded onto your parchment paper.

    If you want, you can press a second or third time and keep your presses separate as the quality will go down on follow up presses.



    The easiest way to collect the Rosin from the paper is to cool it down either by putting the whole paper into a fridge or holding an ice pack under it. Then, using a titanium dabber tool, collect the Rosin from the paper. Once you have Rosin on the dabber it will collect and comes off together in a snowball like effect.



    The left over material can either be infused into butter or oil for cooking or topicals, used to make tea or thrown away, as much of the beneficial cannabinoids have been extracted.

    Below is a chart of expected range of yield per starting material, along with our recommended filter bag, temperature and length of press:  

    Average yields            Recommended Filter Bag                     Pressing

    Flower: 10-30%                       120um                                        215F 30-45 seconds 2x press
    Dry sift: 20-60%                       73um                                         190F 20-55 seconds 3x press
    Bubble: 20-70%                       25um                                          175F 20-55 seconds 3x press