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The Centurion Pro Brand is the most sought after machine on the market. The Tabletop, The Mini, Silver Bullet, The Orginal & The Gladiator, 3.0 industrial trimmers and all new for 2020 the XL commercial trimmers. Trim wet or dry. Choose from non stick quantanium tumblers or the stainless steel. Most in stock units are shipped out sameday the order was placed and tracking will be provided. Orders Monday - Thursday.

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Centurion Pro New Dry Trimmer Line Up


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Centurion TableTop Pro Come with 1 stainless blade you can upgrade if you choose to the non s..
$4,495.00 $3,295.00
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Centurion Pro Mini Trimmer Come with 1 stainless blade you can upgrade if you choose to ..
$7,795.00 $5,495.00
  Centurion Pro Original Leaf Trimmer Each CenturionPro Trimmer now comes with d..
$10,495.00 $6,495.00
Centurion Pro Silver Bullet Trimmer Come with 1 stainless blade you can upgrade if you choose..
$10,995.00 $6,895.00
Centurion Pro The Gladiator Trimmer Each CenturionPro Trimmer now comes with NEW Dual Pu..
$17,995.00 $9,995.00
Centurion Pro 3.0+ Trimming Machine   The 3.0+ is backed by CenturionPro’s ..
$22,995.00 $15,995.00
CenturionPro TableTop Stainless Steel Trimming Machine   Constructed in 3..
$5,995.00 $4,795.00
CenturionPro Mini Stainless Steel Trimming Machine PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Constructed in..
$9,495.00 $7,595.00
 CenturionPro Original Stainless Steel Trimming Machine The Original SS is the GMP e..
$12,495.00 $8,595.00
CenturionPro Gladiator Stainless Steel Trimming Machine Built for large-sized harvests wi..
$19,995.00 $13,995.00
CenturionPro 3.0 Stainless Steel Trimming Machine The 3.0 Stainless Steel is the GMP..
$28,995.00 $19,995.00
CCenturion Pro DBT Model 0 Dry Trimmer Introducing the all-new DBT Model 0, the industry&rsqu..
Centurion Pro DBT Model 1 Dry Trimmer Throughput (Dry) 5 to 8lb./Hr  The DBT Model 1 is ..
$3,295.00 $2,195.00
Centurion Pro DBT Model 2 Dry Trimmer Throughput (Dry) 15LBS./Hr    With up to 1..
$6,595.00 $5,790.00
Centurion Pro DBT Model 3 Dry Trimmer Throughput (Dry) 50LBS./Hr   With up to 50 ..
$9,895.00 $9,490.00
Centurion Pro DBT Model 4 Dry Trimmer Throughput (Dry) 108LBS./Hr  With up to 108 po..
$21,995.00 $17,995.00
Centurion Pro DBT 5 Dual Tumbler Dry Trimmer Throughput (Dry) 216LBS./Hr  With the D..
$36,295.00 $29,995.00
CenturionPro THE XL 5.0 Trimmer We're pleased to announce that our XL Industrial Trimming..