Hydroponic Wet Trimmers

Hydroponic Wet Trimmers

Hydroponic Wet Leaf - Bud Trimmers

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Marijuana Trimming Machines, Bud, Leaf & Plant Trimmers.

Trimmers are an important part of any Marijuana garden’s upkeep and harvest. To find the right trimmer, it depends upon the size of the job at hand. Hand-held plant clippers work for most cases, but when faced with a larger harvest where simple plant clippers or bud trimming scissors won’t do, you can choose from our selection of trimming machines from popular companies such as: Pro-Cut, Centurion Pro, and Piranha, Mean Green Trimming Machine, Triminator, Twister Trimmers, Trimpal, Zoom Trimmers, Trimpro, Greenboz Inc, EZtrim and much more. Most of the machines we offer are made in the good ole USA and built with pride.


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