Ameri-Shred: Industrial Shredder Manufacturer

Ameri-Shred has been in business for almost thirty years and built a solid reputation based on quality products, innovative solutions and superior customer service. Our industrial shredders are best known for their solid steel construction, advanced engineering and superior durability.

We manufacture a full line of shredding equipment that includes hard drive shredders, solid state drive shredders, industrial paper shredders, dual shaft shredders and auxiliary recycling equipment. Ameri-Shred can design, manufacture, install and service your industrial shredding equipment nationwide.

Medical Plant Waste Shredders

MJ-420 Dual Shaft Shredders
10 - 100 HP Models


Dual Shaft Shredders

Model # Horsepower Cutting Chamber
MJ-420-10 10 15” W x 12” L
MJ-420-30 30 20” W x 15” L
MJ-420-45 45 24” W x 20” L
MJ-420-60 60 30” W x 24” L
MJ-420-80 80 36” W x 30” L
MJ-420-100 100 42” W x 36” L
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