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EZTRIM’s products The fastest cannabis trimmers hands down.

EZTRIM’s products The fastest cannabis trimmers hands down.
The worlds fastest marijuana trimmer . EZTRIMS handheld Wander trimmer, and satellite or drone leaf trimmer. Our bud trimming machines give you speed, quality, control.

EZTrim has a full line of products to satisfy every grower's needs from the moment you cut down your plants. Our Satellite is the best trim machine on the market for doing both wet and dry trimming. The Wander Trimmer is a great handheld trimmer that treats the product very gently while keeping messes to an absolute minimum and trim collection at a maximum. The EZPress Pro will simultaneously give you more production and more quality than any rosin press on the market due to it's two thin heating surfaces. Finally, our new and improved EZSift is the perfect product to make sure you get as much out of your trim as possible and is recommended for getting the top quality and quantity out of our EZPress Pro.

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