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EZTRIM Trifecta System - Complete Harvest Package

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EZTRIM Trifecta System - Complete Harvest Package
Product Code: EZTRIM Trifecta System - Complete Harvest Package
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EZTRIM Trifecta System - Complete Harvest Package

EZTRIM Trifecta System - Complete Harvest Package

The Trifect System Harvest Package!

Save half your harvesting time, using half the staff, while maintaining the quality of your product. All of our equipment is meant to help solve a bottleneck in harvesting workflow. While your current bottleneck might be trimming, the speed of a bud trimmer will create a bottle neck at the bucking stage, and so on.

Implementing the Bud BuckerBud Trimmer and Bud Sorter as a complete system maximizes the value of each individual piece of equipment.

The Bud Bucker

The Bud Bucker has entry holes that help guide the buds away from the center to avoid being smashed by the oncoming buds further down the stem. Having 2 sets of 4 entry holes allow two operators to work simultaneously, essentially giving you the benefit of two machines. The speed control is also available to help adjust to different moisture contents and branch structures. All of this on a durable piece of equipment with a 3 year warranty that still manages to be the most inexpensive automated bucking option available.

  • Quickly and gently remove the flowers from the stem, utilizing rollers that grab and pull the branch through various hole sizes
  • For both wet and dry product
  • Pluck the flowers from the stem without damaging the product
  • Complete the shucking process in half the time with half the staff

The Bud Trimmer

The Bud Trimmer removes unwanted leaves from flowers and is the only solution that can deliver trim quality which surpasses manual methods. The key to the Ez Trimmer’s superiority is that it allows the user to adjust multiple variables in the way you trim in order to adjust for wet and dry product, as well as different strains, sizes, and growing methods. The Bud Trimmer is not only quiet and lightweight, but also features the following unique adjustable controls

The Bud Sorter

The Bud Sorter lets you accurately, efficiently, and safely sort your buds into shake, popcorn, small, medium, and large sizes. Due to our decision to stay away from vibration or moving parts, your buds stay in pristine condition. The Sorter is used after drying and curing is compete and right before touching up and packaging. Whether you are doing grams, eighths, or pounds, the Bud Sorter will also increase your packaging efficiency by sorting the buds by size and weight. The Sorter also doubles as a work surface by placing the metal shelf atop the unit, creating versatility over the footprint.

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