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Expert Team with Over 20 Years of Design & Manufacturing Experience Made in U.S.A. Leading Edge Commercial Grade Products are Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Nationally Recognized STM Canna's Catalog of Recognized Commercial Grade Processing Products

STM Canna's Catalog of Recognized Commercial Grade Processing Products


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STM Canna Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ Pre-Roll Cone Filling MachineLoading and unloading stations i..
STM Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ [Mini-50] Please Call For Availability
STM Mini-RocketBox PLUS+ [Mini-50]Loading and unloading stations included (Loading Box &..
STM Canna RocketBox 2.0 Pre-Roll Cone Filling MachineSTM ROCKETBOX 2.0Leading Commercial..
STM LaunchPad Weighing Module Product DetailsSTM LAUNCHPADCommerc..
STM Canna Atomic Closer Tamps & Folds Ends into Beautiful, Consistent Crown.Closes ..
STM Mini-Revolution Commercial Cannabis Grinder  Product Details ..
STM Revolution Sub-Zero Cannabis Grinder Product DetailsSTM REVOLUT..
STM Mini Pre-Roll Bundle STM Mini Pre-Roll Bundle Grind. Pack. ..
STM 2.0 Pre-Roll Bundle STM 2.0 Pre-Roll Bundle Grind. Pack. Ju..
STM-Turnkey-Pre-Roll-Package-Standard STM Turnkey Pre-Roll Package - Standard ..
STM Turnkey Pre-Roll Package - PRO STM Turnkey Pre-Roll Package - PRO Grind. P..
Mini Top Tray (Mini-RocketBox STANDARD)Product DetailsProduct Details..
RocketBox Mini Bottom Tray (STANDARD) choose 84mm , 98mm, 109mm sizes. Product Deta..
Loading Box station STM Mini-RocketBoxProduct DetailsProduct Details..
Adjustable Top Tray (Mini-RocketBox PLUS+)Product DetailsProduct Details..
 RocketBox Upgrade Package A (5,000 daily)Product DetailsPackage includes..
 RocketBox Upgrade Package B (7,500 daily)Product DetailsPackage includes..