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STM LaunchPad Weighing Module

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STM LaunchPad Weighing Module
Product Code: STM LaunchPad Weighing Module
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STM LaunchPad Weighing Module

STM LaunchPad Weighing Module


Product Details


Commercial Pre-Roll Weighing Module
  • The First & Only Modular, Commercial Pre-Roll Scale
    - Master weight checking module
    - Featuring 20" LCD screen display
    - Significantly reduces tedious manual labor
  • 72 Joints Weighed Simultaneously
    - Identify any rejects instantly through easy color-coding
    - View precise weight of each pre-roll instantaneously
  • Customizable Parameters
    - Target Weight
    - Paper weight
    - % Tolerance
    - View of Min. & Max. Weight by Grams



- 1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty
- Dedicated STM Client Services Team
- Exclusive Client Portal with Library of Training Videos and Information

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