GreenBroz, Inc. is The Cannabis dry trimmer company.

GreenBroz Inc. – Automating the art of dry trimming

The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer

Our trimmers are made from food grade HDPE and stainless steel. The GreenBroz Dry Trimmer not only looks the part, but it plays it too, leaving competitors in the dust! It has changed the dry trimming industry by producing the finest manicured product. It performs as well as hand trimming, if not better, without decreasing potency or purity. And yes, we have third party data to prove it! GreenBroz offers two Dry Timmer models to choose from. Our 215 Model produces 2-4 pounds per hour while our commercial 420 Model produces 8-12 pounds per hour. So no matter the size of your business, GreenBroz has the solution to your harvest needs!

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