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GreenBroz Model M Lite Dry Trimmer

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GreenBroz Model M LITE Dry Trimmer

Trim Fast. Trim Gentle. Save Trichomes

The M Lite Tabletop Trimmer is built for craft cultivators that prioritize the quality of their end product. Capable of trimming over 9 pounds of dried flower an hour without sacrificing your flower's character, shape, or potency, the M Lite strikes the perfect balance between size, throughput, and price.


greenbroz m lite

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GreenBroz’ patented blade technology gently removes sugar leaves from buds without damaging trichomes or over-trimming your flower.
The M Lite’s construction prevents microbial growth, minimizes cleaning time, and ensures the machine meets GMP standard regulations.
Customizable control lets you dial in your trim speed to accommodate any strain type or end-product specifications.


All stainless steel construction, IP65 washdown motor, and detachable electronics enable the M Lite to be broken down for cleaning faster than any other model in its class. Light cleaning takes less than 10 minutes and full breakdown heavy cleaning can be completed in under an hour.


Trim comes out of the M Lite ready for extraction. Using a dry sift extractor (like our ALCHEMIST 215), you'll be able to further pad your profit margins by creating kief for retail markets or further refinement into rosin for a better profit margin.

Voltage 110 VAC, 60Hz 3A
Power 330 Watts
Warranty 3 Year
Dimensions 19" x 18" x 23"
Weight 67 lbs. with stand
Construction Stainless Steel


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