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How to Use Extraction Bags

First, Place the Purple = 25 Micron, Yellow = 73 Micron, green = 120 Micron, Red = 160 Micron, and last Blue = 220 Micron into the bucket.And then, fill the bucket with enough cold water to cover the bottom of the Bubble Bags (about halfway full).Put in Your Frozen and Dried Plant Trimmings.Add enough ice to almost fill your bucket to the top.Begin Stirring the Ice and Plant Trimmings for About 15 to 20 Minutes, and Let it sit for 30 Minutes.Pull the Bags Out One at a Time from the Water Bucket.Extracted Herbal will be Available for you to collect.Remove the excess moisture using the pressing screen and a tea towel, and use your new herbal extract!


Step 1- Setup

  • Insert each bag into one another, then place into a clean, empty bucket. Fold the top portion of the bags over the top of the bucket to create a large opening at the top.

Step 2- Add Water

  • Add cold water to the empty Drop Bags until the bucket is half full.

Step 3- Add Plant Material

  • Start adding the plant material to the cold water inside of the Drop Bags. Make sure you spread the plant material evenly.

Step 4- Add Ice

  • Add ice to the plant and water mixture. You will need enough ice to completely cover the mixture.

Step 5- Mixing

  • Mix your ingredients for at least 20 minutes for proper extraction. Use of a hand mixer is also suggested.

Step 6- Remove Bags

  • Carefully remove each Drop Bag individually. As you pull a Drop Bag out of the bucket, let the water drain thoroughly.