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The Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine is handmade in USA. Can fill up to 401 pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled cigarette style papers per run. Cartridge choice of 1/2, gram (84mm/1 1/4 ) or full gram {98mm/109mm) and the new 1 gram or 1/2 gram cigarette cartridge. Optional Cone Packer. We sell all replacement parts and add ons for the Sluice Box MJ product line.

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The Sluice Box MJ is proudly made in the usa.

Save 5% off total by adding a shredder.


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Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine The Sluice Box MJ is able to Fill and Pack ..
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Sluice Box packer add on for the Sluice Box MJ Pre Roll Machine to pack your pre rolls with ease..
Sluice Box MJ Additional CartridgesDoubles your production time with extra cartridges...