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In 2016 two brothers, one a machinist, the other a metal fabricator, decided to help out a friend who was looking for an alternative to hiring trimmers to scissor-cut his cannabis harvest.  He wanted a finished product comparable to the hand trim method that would be more time and cost-effective.  The brothers went to work ​in their shop, perfecting the cutting disks and brushes until they were satisfied their trimmer could do the job.  After several trial runs with nearby growers, the results actually exceeded expectations.  Not only was the trimmed bud nearly identical to the traditional hand-cut scissors method, but the resulting trimmed leaf, which would normally require further treatment, was near processor-ready to use as well.  Best of all, the trimming process required far less time than the competitors on the market.  Their success was due in large part to the machine’s unique diamond design cutting disks and the use of 3 brushes to gently tumble the harvested cannabis. 

While the Diamond Edge Dry Trimmer is our first successful product, our vision is to design and manufacture additional products for the cannabis industry that meet the needs of growers in the most efficient and user-friendly way without sacrificing quality. 'Fine tuning the industry ....streamlining your business'  is our goal, and we aim to deliver.

The brothers partnered in their new venture as Creative Harvest Solutions LLC in 2017.

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