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Tom's Whole Plant Bucker

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Tom's Whole Plant Bucker
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Tom's whole plant bucker

Tom's whole plant bucker

Invented by a grower for growers, Tom’s Tumbler™ revolutionized the market as the original BLADELESS BUD TRIMMER machine for processors looking to achieve hand-trimmed quality without the labor or hassle. 

Inventor Tom Bruggemann developed these trimmers as a way for farmers like himself to save time and money without sacrificing precision. The Tom’s Tumbler™ staff is here to assist you with any support you might need.

Tom's whole plant bucker employ’s a method that involves stripping the flowers off an entire plant at once. In contrast, the standard bucking machines require breaking off individual branches, locating the correct size hole and placing them through one at a time. Tom's whole plant bucker is ten to 20 times faster than conventional buckers, depending on strain. In the rapidly evolving cannabis industry, innovations such as Tom's whole plant bucker is changing the way post-harvest processes are approached. The efficiency, gentleness, and potential yield benefits of whole-plant bucking make it an appealing choice for large-scale operations looking to streamline their processes.

Python-Industries welcomes you to our Whole Plant Bucker! It removes flowers from an entire cannabis plant in one go. No more breaking down cannabis plants and searching for the correct whole sizes for stem-by-stem buckers. This innovative design allows farmers to insert the whole plant as the bucker strips the flowers from all of the stems at once.This stainless steel, industrial machine is easy to use. The following are its benefits:

  1. Time Efficiency: One of the most significant benefits of whole plant bucking is its time-saving nature. Whole plant buckers simplify the process, allowing the whole plant to be processed at once, drastically reducing labor hours.
  2. Consistency: Minimal flower impact which minimizes damage to flowers. Whole plant bucking ensures a more consistent quality since all flowers are stripped off the plant at one time.
  3. Increased Yield: Whole plant buckers can potentially lead to a slightly higher yield compared to the standard method. This is because the entire plant is processed.
  4. Preservation of Trichomes: Whole plant bucking minimizes the risk of damaging trichomes during the bucking process, preserving the overall potency and flavor profile of the flowers.

Try the Whole Plant Bucker today and save thousands of dollars on labor.



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