ThunderVak offers 3 models to choose from motorized leaf trimmer, manual bud trimmer or the table model hydroponic trimmer.Commercial grade heavy duty trimmers.

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ThunderVak Composter Plus Please Call For Availability
 ThunderVak Composter PlusFEATURESMaximum performance and satisfactionFeatu..
ThunderVak S Series Table Trimmer Please Call For Availability
ThunderVak S Series Table TrimmerCommercial grade heavy-duty trimmer  Adjustable s..
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ThunderVak S Series Motorized Please Call For Availability
ThunderVak™ S Series MotorizedFeatures: Commercial grade heavy-duty trimme..
ThunderVak S-Series Manual leaf trimmer Please Call For Availability
ThunderVak S-Series• Commercial grade heavy-duty trimmer  • Adjustable speed..
ThunderVak replacement cutting wire 80 mil (8 pk.) Please Call For Availability
ThunderVak Replacement Blades replaces used or damaged blades for thundervak trimmer. T..