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Price Matching Rules

tell us a cheaper price will meet or beat it.

Tell us the cheapest price you can find and we'll BEAT IT! Call us or email the form below.

At The California Trim Store we strive to be the online leader for discount hydroponic Trimmers supplies. If you find a product cheaper while shopping online or at a retail hydroponic Trimmers store, send us that price and we will beat it.

We cannot honor prices below wholesale, or sale specials another retailer might have. Only applies to sales on items that are in-stock items not special orders. We do not price match Ebay or Amazon.

While many online hydroponic Trimmers retailers advertise cheap hydroponic Trimmers, they often make up for it with excessive shipping and handling charges. The California Trim Store does not charge any extra handling or shipping fees. We also pay for UPS insurance on all shipments to cover any mishaps during transit. (Low price guarantee is only valid on new items from Authorized Resellers. Some manufacturers do not allow discounting of their products without approval. Email us with the form below. 


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