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Ganja Globe Dry Trimmer

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Ganja Globe Dry Trimmer by TrimTech


made in the usa

Ganja Globe TrimTech Dry Trimmer

Ganja Globe TrimTech Dry Trimmer ,Touch Free Blade Free, Contaminant Free, Oil Free Hassle Free.

The Ganja Globe uses the process of Air Blast Technology. With each rotation in the machine more and more leaves are removed as they pass over the precision nozzles causing a very uniform trim and overall removal of leaf in seconds. The product is then sifted to separate unwanted plant matter from viable material. Because the Ganja Globe does not have any blades the removal of leaves does not release as much chlorophyl as traditional blade trimmers, leaving trim untouched and ready for production. !!!

The air compressor can be stationed away from the Ganja Globe for a quieter trimming experience. Maintain your compressor to factory specifications. (Drain your tank) Warning do not exceed 150 PSI.

Ganja Globe Tutorial

Change the way you process your crop!

Ganja Globe Instructions


What to know about The Ganja Globe: It is the very first air-powered (pneumatic) trimming machine. It utilizes compressed air to remove unwanted leaves and foreign material (powdery mildew, dust, spores, ect.) from your product. The trim is consistent throughout your product and offers a better than hand trim resulting in better bag appeal. With no blades or moving parts there will be zero to no maintenance. It has very low operating costs and a processing power of a pound a min. Designed with efficiency and simplicity in mind.

How to prepare your product: Cut down your crop, big leaf (removal of your shade leaves) it. Dry in 70 degree 40% humidity room for 9 to 14 days. Then you will buck the buds to the size you wish big or small once every thing is bucked your ready to run.

Things to remember: When running the ganja globe whether its 1 tote or 100 its best to keep all totes  at relatively equal humidity for consistency throughout the run. use the sleeve valve to blast in 3-4 sec intervals for 8-16 sec run times. It can handle 200-300 grams per run. clean if necessary with air gun.


Includes:Ganja globe 7.1 deluxe 10 1/2 inch. unit, 3/8 inch. 50 FT. fitted air hose and sifting tray



Step 1- connect ganja globe to air house then air hose to compressor. Allow compressor to reach max psi.

Step 2- load globe with prepared product. Close unit and blast for 8-16 sec in intervals of 3-4 sec or as desired.

Step 3- swivel unload in to sifter shake to separate trim from buds.

Step 4- repeat.


Air compressor Recommendations: oil- free MIN- 15 gal, max psi 150, Max 100 gal, max psi 200.

do not exceed 200 psi, highest operation psi 150. Maintain compressor to factory specifications.


Leaf removal:

humidity%                 leaves%

40%                           99%

45%                           89%

50%                           80%

55%                           70%

60%                           55%



density-                PSI-               run time

very dense        135-140            7-10 sec

hard                   120-130           8-12 sec

dense                 115-125           10-12 sec

standard             110-120           13-14 sec

larfy                    75-90               18-22 sec 

No Refunds on this Unit. Unit does not include compressor.

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