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Twister T6 Wet Or Dry Trimming (Machine Only)

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Twister T6 Trimming Machine Only (Leaf Vacuum Collector Option Sold Separately)


Twister T6 Wet Trimmer

Twister T6 Trimming Machine Only (Leaf Vacuum Collector Option Sold Separately)

Grab and Go Design Design Easy Storage 1.2cu ft Lightweight Construction 42LBS Assembly / Disassembly 2Mins

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Twister T6 Trimming Machine Only (Leaf Vacuum Collector Option Sold Separately)

The Twister T6 is a revolution in home trimming and automation. The radical new small-capacity tabletop design allows for quality, hand trim-finished trimming speeds of up to 4 lbs/hr dry, 18 lbs/hr wet, right from the comfort of your own home! Home grown, hand trim-finished product is now possible with an automated home trimmer. 

A Radical New Design

Specifically designed and engineered for your home or small grow, the Twister T6 is everything you ever wanted in a home trimmer. The new design literally sets a new standard in home trimming.

The Twister T6 designed and is engineered with the highest grade materials available, including high-performance ballistic-grade plastics, high-grade anodized alloy aluminum, and 304 stainless steel used throughout. The result is quite possibly the highest grade, most durable, easiest to use, easiest to clean, small-capacity trimmers ever made!

Trim Smarter, in 25% Less Space.

The compact tabletop design of the T6 allows for gentle home trimming of up to 4lbs/hr using Twister’s SoftTumble technology.

Lightweight, portable, and masterfully-crafted for the table or countertop. The T6 is designed to make gentle short work of your home harvest. The smart tabletop design of the T6 allows for gentle home trimming of up to 4 lbs/hr using Twister SoftTumble™ technology. Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work to produce quality, hand trimmed product, the same result can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T6. 

Speed of Trim
The Twister T6 is the fastest, small-capacity trimmer in the world. 

Power / Weight Ratio
Equipped with a powerful 0.25HP motor ensuring continuous,
high performance output. 

Gentle SoftTumble™ Technology
Small 4" tumbler diameter combined with polished 304 stainless steel non-stick surface ensures flowers experience minimal impact via less wall crawl and shorter tumble distance.

Plug and Play. Unplug and Go.

Lightweight and extremely portable.  The T6 is designed for quick home trimming sessions in your backyard, your garage, at your friend’s house, or discrete in-home trimming.

The T6 is the ultimate in portability. Coming in at 42 lbs, it is one of the lightest, most compact trimmers on the market. The T6 is designed for quick trim sessions in the backyard, the garage, at the friends house, or discretely in the privacy of your own home. Whether you're trimming indoor or outdoor, the lightweight Grab and Go™ design of the T6 makes it easy to get where you need to go and get the job done quickly. Time is money.

Lightweight and Portable
So small your little sis can carry it and your trunk will transport it.

Easy Tear Down
Disassembles in seconds, giving you easy access to the components when needed.

Grab and Go™
Engineered with a large-grip aluminum handle that extends the width of the T6 for easy movement to and from trim sessions.

The Tightest Cut in the Industry.

Blades have been cutting organic materials for centuries.  The precision makeup of the T6 uses one of the most advanced rotary blade cutting systems available on the market. Getting the tightest cut in the shortest amount of time is paramount to quality home trimming. Integrity of the product is everything. The quality, hand trim-finished product you always wanted from a home trimmer is now possible with the T6; clean, tight, and precision cut, all with minimal impact to your flower! 

Trimmed pieces are uniform quality, hour after hour, day after day. 

Proprietary Blade Geometry
The T6 delivers the closest cut possible without damaging your product. 

QuickClick™ Technology™
A new proprietary 96 point indexing blade adjustment system allows you to dial-in your trim up to 0.0005 of an inch - over six times thinner than a sheet of paper!

Easy Change Tumbler
Simply remove the lid and swap out your tumbler. That's it.

No Setup or Tools Required
The T6 is easily adjusted with intuitive, easy-to-use controls

Less Time Trimming, More Time Living

Low Maintenance
No paint to chip or flake; easy-to-clean in less than 10 minutes with no tools; fully serviceable by end-user.

Painless Customer Service
If you confront a problem, we got you. Call us and we make it right.

Twister Track Record
When you buy a Twister, you're investing in a brand with a decade of research and development behind it. You're buying the most advanced and maintenance-free trimming system on the planet.

3 Year Warranty
Twister stands behind what they sell. If it breaks, it gets replaced. Period.

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