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Tom's Tumbler TTT 2600 Commercial Trimmer

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On Sale Tom's Tumbler TTT 2600 Commercial Trimmer
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Tom's Tumbler TTT 2600 Commercial Trimmer

Tom's Tumbler 2600 Commercial Trimmer



Our highly effective TTT 2600 bud separator features a unique design that makes it easy to use and maintain. The machine itself has no moving parts or complex mechanisms inside of it—all you need is a power outlet, and you’ll be able to trim your buds faster for a better quality product. 
Capable of both dry and wet trimming, the TTT 2600 dry bud trimmer is equipped with a powerful motor and has an adjustable height for easy use in any environment. This unit features a large collection tray, which can be emptied without ever needing to touch the product. It also has an adjustable separator plate for harvesting your flowers. Trim leaves, separate flowers, and extract kief while preserving the structure and aroma of your buds with grower-invented TUMBLE TRIMMERS!
  • Includes two MESHNETS for trimming and separating
  • Includes 150 Micron Kief Screen for Kief extraction
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • Food-grade plastic DUST COVER and funnel flow
  • Compatible with our CO2 ADAPTER KIT (not included) for wet trimming
  • Commercial-grade, low-maintenance, and quiet
  • Fast, effective, and safe to use
  • Ideal for growers processing 250-300 lbs or more a day
The gentle bladeless tumbling technology used in the TTT 2600 dry bud trimmer provides a perfectly trimmed product with visible trichomes intact. Our industrial trimming process uses the friction between buds to gently break sugar leaves off of the flower while preserving its original structure and natural goodness consumers look for. 
The result is an efficient, revolutionary bud trimmer and separator that produces beautiful hand-trimmed-looking products. In less than 5 minutes, your batch is more than 90% trimmed. 
When ordering your TTT 2600 dry bud trimmer, you can also get additional ACCESSORIES, including our LIQUID C02 INFUSION KIT, MESHNETS, FUNNEL FLOW BAGS, and CASTER WHEELS. You can also choose the 110 Micron Kief Net or 200 Micron Kief net to replace the standard 151 Micron Kief Net. CONTACT US to specify this in your order. 
  • Capacity: 24-36 lbs/hr
  • 3-6 lbs per 3-5 minute cycle MeshNets Included: 2 food-grade nylon MeshNets (1/2“ and 1/4“) for trimming and separating 151 Micron Net for kief extraction Material: Powder-coated steel frame
  • Food-grade aluminum drums and axle
  • Clear funnel flow bag with a retractable dust cover for viewing of process Motor: 115 Volt AC
  • Heavy-duty DC gear motor with variable speed control Dimensions: Frame, motor, and dust cover: 34.2” x 43” x 60” Weight: 106 lbs (129 lbs DIM weight) Maintenance: Minimal maintenance required. We recommend using Tom's Resin Remover.
  • MeshNets are machine washable. Kief nets can be washed by hand with alcohol. Lubricate zippers with beeswax or aerosol spray cooking oil.

We warranty all products, parts and motors for one year, normal use. If, any of your trimmer breaks, we will repair it or send you a new one immediately. This warranty does not cover trimmers used as rental units].  

Please contact us immediatly with any questions.  The Tumble Trimmer is proven effective when assembled and used according to capacity and timing guidelines.  All sales are final.  When used properly, the trimmer is 100% effective as described.

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