Toms Tumbler Mighty Python

Toms Tumbler Mighty Python
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Toms Tumbler Mighty Python

Half the footprint of the original. Trims up to 600lbs an hour.

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Toms Tumbler Mighty Python

The Mighty Python Industrial Bud Trimmer is a professional-grade BUD TRIMMING MACHINE designed to handle large production levels. It can efficiently trim up to 600 lbs of hemp per hour with less than 1/2" waste, making it ideal for commercial producers or those looking for a fast hemp tumbler. For trusted solutions engineered by a grower for other growers, invest in hemp bud trimming machines by Tom’s Tumbler™ today.
  • Built to last for years
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Quiet and low maintenance
  • Trims 600 lbs per hour
  • Features proven BLADELESS TECHNOLOGY
  • Option to Liquid Nitrogen to Cryo Trim or Cryo Kief 
  • Sorting drawers that sort 4 differebt sized flowers and collects Kief 
  1. SKU: TTTMightyPython
  2. Weight: 680.00 LBS
  3. Width: 31.00 (in)
  4. Height: 66.00 (in)
  5. Depth: 87.00 (in)
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