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TrimBuddy Dry Trimming Machine

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TrimBuddy Dry Trimming Machine

TRIM 100 pounds of DRY Flowers in 8 hours!

TrimBuddy Dry Trimming Machine
TrimBuddy Dry Trimming Machine

TrimBuddy Dry Trimming Machine



Introducing TrimBuddy™ model Tb5.1 from the Skinny Piranha Inc.

TrimBuddy™ is the ultimate light commercial Cleaning and Finishing machine for Specialty Agriculture and Gardening Crops.

TrimBuddy™ combines the rugged construction of commercial class equipment with conveniences of portability, rull control of cleaning speeds and duration, and condensed storage for seasonal use.

TrimBuddy™ also sports modern electronic control for faster and more gentle crop finishing.

TrimBuddy™ has a unique design that enables you to have the choice of operating speeds while providing superior cleaning and finishing of many crop varieties. 

At the heart of variable speed performance is a high torque low voltage motor that runs quiet with minimal power demands.  Thus you reduce your carbon footprint and help to keep our planet GREEN! We combine all that with anti-stall computer control technology and shock absorbing blade tensioning  so the TrimBuddy™ can recover from jams caused by twigs, stems and other debris. Bottom line: the machine is fast yet more gentle on your crops and on itself.

TrimBuddy™ delivers light-commercial features at competitive pricing.

TrimBuddy™ combines the rugged construction of commercial class equipment with conveniences of portability, rull control of cleaning speeds and duration, and condensed storage for seasonal use.










  • The TrimBuddy™ model Tb5.1 is an advanced design that offers full programmable control over drum rotation speeds and run time .
  • Drum speed and performance is monitored and controlled by smart electronics to provide power and speed when needed.Piranha Logo
  • For safety, electronics detect  stalled and run-away motor operation.  This feature ensures that you get a consistent operation while protecting the blade and motor from damage.
  • The combination of a stainless steel drum and heavy duty Delrin™ trimming blade provide clean, efficient, and quiet operation.  The unique blade is ultra low friction to reduce heat, noise, and wear.
  • Technology for the trimming blade sports a unique honeycomb configuration (patents pending) that provides clean trimming and high durability.  We dub this, “Piranha blade” swift, silent, and sharp.
  • An automatic blade tension system provides consistent tension and reduces blade wear with shock-absorber action. Our approach also reduces chances of blade damage due to twig, stem, or debris jams.
  • Three levels of chamber illumination and a break resistant  polycarbonate  drum lid provide clear visibility for crop inspection during operation.
  • TrimBuddy™ tilts for easy loading and unloading.
  • Folding legs reduce the size of the unit that stores in a 27 gallon plastic tote for transport and storage.
  • A large easy to install and remove stainless steel catch tray mounts  under the drum chamber close to the  blade for fast cycling.
  • Tb5.1 stainless steel cabinet and FDA approved polyethylene parts  are designed for clean processing and quick maintenance.
  • Low power requirements (<75 watts) for a Green environment.  (Yes, we care about our planet and we suspect this is important to you as well!)

RotoClean™ Specifications:

  • Operation size L/W/H :  22.5″ /  14.25″ /  18.5″dimensions
  • Storage size L/W/H (in tote): 29″ / 20″ / 16″
  • Shipping weight (includes tote) : 42lbs
  • Drum dimensions L/D :  16″ / 12″
  • Drum capacity (half filled): 3.5 gallons
  • Electrical requirements: (120 volts, 2 amps, 240 watts )
  • Nominal power requirements ( 100  watts )
  • Motor: high torque 300 watt max 24 volt DC variable speed w/ gear reduction
  • Control system: capacitive touch panel with 16×2 back lit LCD display
  • Chamber lighting; 12 volt LED variable brightness 7″ enclosed strip
  •  Average operating noise at medium speed / empty chamber: 65db @ 10 feet.

Control of the Tb5.1 is performed using the touch sensitive dashboard.

This post explains how to use the dashboard to control motor speed, set processing timer, set illumination brightness in the processing chamber, as well as provide tips and explanations of the system behaviors.


The dashboard is laid out as show above.

There is an LCD status display and a keypad with eleven touch sensor keys on the dashboard.

The top line of the LCD display shows the time remaining for a given run processing cycle.  The display counts down in real time showing hours, minutes and seconds HH:MM:SS respectively. To the right of the time status are two letters that indicate the drum illumination brightness “L” and keyboard sound setting “T”,  More on that later.

The bottom line of the LCD display shows the Drum rotation setting.  Text in the middle of the status line indicate the preset speed  (High, Med, Low) or custom speed setting.  The right side of the status line indicates the corresponding drum RPM.

When the Tb5.1 is powered on, the system performs a self test and shows the firmware version on the bottom line of the display for three seconds.  During this time, the touch panel auto calibrates so it is best not to place anything on or near the panel during this brief power-on time.  When the time and speed status are displayed, the Tb5.1 is ready for setup.

At this point, the Tb5 can start processing by simply pressing the GREEN button and the default time (30 minutes) and default preset speed (High/60 RPM) will be activated and the DRUM will BEGIN ROTATING.

To STOP drum rotation and pause the timer, touch the RED STOP pad.

To STOP drum rotation, reset the timer, and reset DRUM speed settings, touch the YELLOW control reset pad.

(Note: There are only eleven active touch pads on the dash panel:

  • “1” – Add one minute to the count down timer
  • “5” – Add five minutes to the count down timer
  • “10” – Add ten minutes to the count down timer
  • “LMH” – Toggle preset drum speeds from High to Medium to Low (in that order)
  • “^” – Increase drum speed by one RPM
  • “v” – Decrease drum speed by one RPM
  • Light bulb – Change Chamber light level from Low to Medium to High to OFF
  • Speaker – Toggle keypad beep on or off
  • Green – Start Drum and timer or resume
  • Yellow – Stop drum and reset speed and clear timer
  • Red – Stop drum and leave speed and time unchanged

The text to the right and left of the pads listed above are informational only and do not respond to touch input.

trimbuddy dry trimmer options


TrimBuddy™ delivers light-commercial features at competitive pricing.

Technical Specifications:

Height : 14″ (legs retracted) 20″ (legs extended)
Depth : 22″
Width : 14″ w/ PSU
Weight : 34lbs
AC power : 110V 2A / 220V 1A
Speed : 40,55,70 RPM
TB5.1 Controller : Touch panel
TB5.2 Controller : Rotary switch
Motor : 24V 350W
Storage : 27 Gallon Plastic Tote (included)
Warranty : 2 years

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