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Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

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Triminator Dry Trimmer | Triminator | Marijuana Trimmer | Leaf Trimmer

Triminator Dry Trimming Machine

Triminator DRY Bud Trimmer Get the Triminator Dry Advantage 


triminator dry 360 view

Triminator Dry Trimmer | Triminator | Marijuana Trimmer | Leaf Trimmer


The Triminator Dry was born out of necessity for a trimmer that could trim faster, cut closer and run longer without cleaning. 
Focusing exclusively on the rigorous demands of commercial growers and trim crews, our engineers reimagined the Triminator from the ground up. The result is the Triminator, the most technologically advanced trimmer on earth. Its progressive patent pending design is built entirely from industrial grade components, insuring a lifetime of speed and precision.

Instructions on how to assemble your Triminator Dry bud trimming machine upon arrival. Triminator Dry trimming machine utilizing 3 basic tools. Installation is easy and fast. If you can put together an IKEA bookshelf, you can assemble your Triminator Dry leaf trimming machine.

Why Dry?

Dry trimming has several advantages over wet trimming. The drying process locks in the plant's natural color and aroma resulting in finished products with a vibrant color and a powerful nose. In addition, when trimming dry you can manicure all year long, avoiding the post harvest rush. 

  • Natural Color for a highly marketable finished product
  • Aroma is maintained for a strong product nose
  • Trim Anytime to avoid the post harvest rush
  • Triminator Dry For Commercial & Boutique Marijuana Producers & Processors

    Trims Up to 8 lbs/hr

  • Set & Forget Operation
  • 100% Covered Moving Parts
  • No Lubricants Required, Keeps Flowers & Byproducts Pure
  • Tool-Free Dis-Assembly
  • Easy to Move, Load, & Unload

    Automatic Timer

  • Makes batch trimming easy, set the timer and come back when it's done. 
  • Pure Trim

  • Proprietary cutting composite eliminates the need for lubricants, keeping your product pure and dry 
  • Removable Trim bin

  • Food grade trim bin safely catches excess trim for future use 
  • Retractable Wheels

  • Roll for easy moving, retract for stable trimming 
  • Easy Pivot

  • pivot the drum for quick and easy operation 

Additional Information

Name Triminator DRY Trimmer
Brand Triminator
Shipping Weight (lbs) 150.0000
Warranty 1 Year
Dimensions H 36in x W 24in x L 36in
Voltage 120v
MSRP $5,995.99
Aaron on 10/17/2016
1 reviews
Great machine. Worked out of the box. Cleaning it was a breeze. Highly recommended.

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