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TrimPal Dry Bud Trimmer

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TrimPal Dry Bud Trimmer (Full Size)





4 - 6 lbs per hour

Overheat Kill Switch

Very Quiet



The TrimPal dry trimmer

TrimPal Dry Trimmer, Trim Pal Trimmer, Trimpal,

  • TrimPal Dry Trim Machine

  • Made in California, USA

The Trim Pal is made in the USA, has a Dayton motor, and processes up to 4 LBS an hour at a hand trim quality. People are touting Trim Pal is better than hand trimming. The machine does not chop or cut, but does more of a pulling action.  Return on investment is based on your crop size, but usually is 1 season.

The TrimPal utilizes a new and effective design used to trim leafy aromatic plant material.  The user-friendly system requires only a one person to operate.  The TrimPal will significantly reduce the cost and time involved in manicuring your product.

A precision laser cut design is accompanied with the most reliable names in parts and powder coated by certified techs, providing a high quality, dependable machine.  The 15 minute interval timer allows for setting your time frame in trimming and determining your preference.  The machine does not chop, or cut but does more of a pulling action.  Must see to believe

If you are looking for a trimmer that no one can hear this ones for you. If noise is an issue the trimpal solves it I personally heard this machine run and if you're not looking at it you wouldn't even know it's cutting.


The TrimPal is the best dry trimmer on the market because it doesn’t have any blades.  Instead it utilizes a rotating basket and stationary saddle that produces hundreds of pulling motions that quickly and gently manicure large quantities in minutes. Dry trimming will not affect aroma and overall quality of finished product and reduces processing times and costs. The TrimPal produces the best taste, smell, and product with guaranteed amazing results.

Available in two models, a 2-lb.(11″ basket) and 4-lb. (22″ basket), which process 2-3 pounds/4-6 pounds of product per hour respectively. Both models are equipped with an Overheat Kill Switch and minimal maintenance is required with cleaning recommended after the season or every 250lbs. The TrimPal is capable of matching hand trim quality and can be used for outdoor or indoor grown product. We have sold thousands in our first two years as a result of providing high quality, durable and dependable machines at great prices that utilize slow turning and pulling to produce an excellent final product. TrimPal is the best match for all of your dry trimming needs.



  • Throughput per hour: 4-6 hours
  • Weight: 136LBS
  • Basket Size: 22″
  • Timer: 15 minute timer
  • Amps: 5 amp start – 3 amp running
  • Volts: 120/230v
  • Material: 304 medical stainless steel
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Dryness Specification: When stems snap cleanly
  • Cleaning recommendation: Every 250lbs or after use.

Additional Information

Name Trimpal Trimmer
Brand Trimpal
Shipping Weight (lbs) 136.0000
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage 120v/230v
MSRP $4,700.00

made in the usa

Fresno Bill on 03/12/2016
1 reviews
This machine saved me countless hours and if you live in a place where noise is a issue this unit was as quiet as a mouse. Trimpal saved me $$$ and time you guys get my five stars.

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