TrimPal S Dry Trimmer

TrimPal S Dry Trimmer

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TrimPal S Dry Trimmer (Small Mini Dry Trimmer)

TrimPal S Dry Trimmer

TrimPal S Dry Trimmer


15 min Timer



2 - 3 lbs per hour
Overheat Kill Switch
Very Quiet


TrimPal S Dry Trimmer, Trim Pal Small, Trimpal Mini, 

  • TrimPal Dry Trim Machine

The TrimPal Model S has the same quality of the 4 unit model. The TrimPal S has a Dayton motor that spins at 17 rpm.  Cleaning is a simple, remove one bolt and it takes only 10 minutes to clean. The TrimPal S basket holds 2-2.5 units full untrimmed flowers.  Great for folks growing multiple strains, and connoisseur indoor.  1 unit throughput time is dependent on denseness and dryness.  The TrimPal S features the same no sharp design saddle instead of a blade.

  • Throughput per hour: 2-3 lbs per hour
  • 17 rpm geared brushless dayton motor
  • Weight: 55lbs
  • Basket Size: 11″
  • 15 minute timer
  • Overheat kill switch
  • 3 amp start – 1.5-2 amp running
  • Dryness Specification: When stems snap cleanly
  • Cleaning Recommendation: Every 250 lbs
  • made in the usa
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