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The Stripper XL Trimmer

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The Stripper XL Trimmer

Simply set leafy colas in one end and trimmed colas come out the other side. Variable speed trommels allow operators to optimize trim production speed and quality for max throughput with any given plant or strain. This large industrial machine is perfect for production line harvesting methods and should be considered an irreplaceable asset in any big farm environment or grow operation.


  • Power consumption, 110-115 volt, about 300 watts max starting load
  • Quiet for a production machine
  • Variable speed trommel RPM, 0-500 RPM


Hands Off Use

Hands off in use, set leafy colas in one end and trimmed colas come out the other side.


Perfect For Big Operations

Large industrial sized machine for max throughput in big farm environments. Perfect for “production line” harvesting methods.


Sturdy and Efficient

Heavy Duty industrial design for maximum run time without excessive maintenance needs or unnecessary shut-downs in the field.


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