Greenridge Harvesting

Greenridge Harvesting is a Cannabis Technology Startup based in northern California.  We research and develop new harvest, process, and commerce solutions for the emerging cannabis industry.  Our products are built for commercial scale throughput, food-grade sanitation, and cost-effective purchasing.

Lab quality components.

Lab quality results.

A machine built to work.

The BLACK BEAR II is designed to be an efficient workstation.  The top tray is a convenient place to stack un-bucked stems within easy reach of the operators.  The machine has two distinct operator stations compared to other buckers that may have multiple dies, but don't have room for two people to stand in front of the machine.  Two people can easily stand in front of the BLACK BEAR II.

The BLACK BEAR II is the bucking machine that works as hard as you do.  Constructed from industrial duty components, this machine will run trouble free for years with minimal maintenance or down time. 

What's in the box?

  • BLACK BEAR II Bucking Machine
  • Lightweight Stand
  • 2-17 gallon totes
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Tool kit for machine assembly and die changes
  • 4 sets of unique dies including:  Star, Teardrop, Domed-in, Domed-out, and Flush
  • Greenridge Harvesting Klean Kanteen Stash Jar
  • Boost humidity packs
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