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Canawipes Cleansing Hand Wipes

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Canawipes Cleansing Hand Wipes

Reduce Odor






Long, hard day at work? Can-A-Wipes can reduce the odor on your clothing so you don’t leave it elsewhere, like your truck or living room.




An Entire Cleanup Crew In One Wipe

Other hand wipes use harsh chemicals—Can-A-Wipes does the job better without them!

No more harsh and flammable solvents to do your cleanup—you now have an entire clean-up crew in one wipe! Stop dipping your fingers in harsh chemicals after a day of trimming or working on the car—remove resin, grease, and more the safe and easy way with Can-A-Wipes. One towel will remove all the resin from your hands and other surfaces in seconds.


What’s Inside?

Safe on Skin, Tough on Dirt, and Biodegradable

Fortified with four moisturizers, Can-A-Wipes not only clean your skin but also nourish it!

Put the harsh chemicals away, turn off the tap, and stop drying your hands on your shirt. You can clean up anywhere with Can-A-Wipes, no soaking, rinsing, or drying required. Unlike other towelettes, Can-A-Wipes softens and nourishes skin using 4 skin conditioners: glycerin, lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E. To top it all off, Can-A-Wipes smell great!


Can-A-Wipes are great for:

  • Painters
  • Cement Masons
  • Commercial Fisherman
  • Motorcycle Shops
  • Any manufacturing Plant
  • Mechanics
  • Plumbers
  • Landscapers
  • Agriculture / Farmers
  • Florists

Can-A-Wipes will remove from your hands with one towel…

  • Resins from trimming and manicuring plants
  • “Impossible” to remove Black Jack roofing cement and urethane sealants
  • Permanent markers
  • Grease
  • Cement powders

The faster the job gets done, the better. The perfect solution for any industry—let Can-A-Wipes do your dirty work!

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