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Speedee Cordless Trimmer Sabertooth Blade

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Speedee Cordless Trimmer Sabertooth Blade

Thin wide spaced teeth are slanted forward with a tapered tip allow for spot-on precision manicuring of freshly cut wet plants. The custom teeth allow the user to remove very small amounts of material without touching the surrounding foliage. 

The main body of the blade can be used for volume trimming the entire circumference of the flower. Cordless option best utilized in remote locations.

This Selection comes with:
-one Cordless Motor with Removable Battery and Charger 
- one "wet trim" Sabertooth Blade 
- one Blade Scrubber Box
Cordless Speedee Trim features a lithium ion battery offering 80 minutes of run time for a 2 hour charge.
 Charges from a standard 120VAC plug with additional battery/charger package available.  

Trimmer Specs
Weight: 1.21 lbs
Charge Time: 2 hours from 120V AC outlet
Run Time: 80 minutes
Tooth Section length: 2 7/8”


Instructions for Speedee Trim Use

Trim flowers with the stem pointed either toward or away from you so that the flat part of the leaves catch in between the teeth.  Move the blade in a sweeping motion across the plant going around the stem.  The amount of material removed is determined by how close the blade is held to the flower and the angle of the blade in relation to the stem.  The closer the blade is angled toward the stem, the more material you will remove and vice versa. Spot trimming can be done by angling the teeth at the blade tip so that it's only the tip contacting the plant.  Small precision cuts can be made by this action without touching the surrounding flower.


Cleaning Trimmer Blades in Scrubber Box: 

Clean blades by filling cleaner box 3/4 capacity with isopropyl alcohol.  Dip blades in box with repeating up and down motion. NEVER SCRAPE THE BLADES WITH ANYTHING METALIC AS THIS CAN DAMAGE THEM!  Be careful not to drop or bend the blades as this can throw the alignment off.

Visual instructions for inserting trimming blades to your Speedee Trim:

Click below to download Instructions for both Corded & Cordless Trimmer

Corded trimmer instructions

Corded trimmer instructions 1

Corded trimmer instructions

Corded trimmer instructions 2

Cordedless trimmer instructions

Corded trimmer instructions 3

Cordedless trimmer instructions

Corded trimmer instructions 4

(Manufacture 1 year replacement warrantee on any defects)

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