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Mobius Automatic Tumbler & Brush Washer

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Mobius Automatic Tumbler & Brush Washer
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Mobius Automatic Tumbler & Brush Washer

Mobius Automatic Tumbler & Brush Washer


Squeaky Clean Tumblers & Brushes for Top-Trimmed Product.

The Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer takes a sizeable bite out of cleaning your M108S Trimmer. Built from rugged stainless steel and powered by a 1/8 hp motor, the Tumbler & Brush Washer automatically cleans your AirThread Tension Tumbler and brush bar to a level difficult to achieve manually.

Simply attach the tumbler and brush bar to the mounting points, add a mixture of warm water and your preferred cleaning solution to the basin, and switch the unit on. In 5 minutes your AirThread Tension Tumbler and brush bar will be deep cleaned to the same extent as soaking and scrubbing each item for 30 minutes.

Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer Features

  • Automatically cleans tumbler and brush to a level hard to achieve by hand
  • Reduces total clean time to 5 minutes from 60 minutes
  • Full stainless-steel construction
  • IP67 wash-down rated 1/8 hp motor
  • Easy to access front-mounted controls with emergency stop
  • 4 swivel castors with locks plus side-mounted handles for easy positioning
  • 1.5” brass drain spout with hose for quick and easy dirty water discharge

High-Quality Product & A Happy Cleaning Crew.

Properly cleaned trimming equipment improves overall product quality and reduces the chance of batch cross contamination. The Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer is so easy to use and efficient that over 10 tumblers can be washed in the time it takes to clean one tumbler by hand. Automating this task saves time and money, and makes for a happier sanitation crew, improving employee retention.

The Right Tool for the Job

An IP67, 1/8 hp waterproof motor powers the Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer to cleaning perfection. Overfill holes clearly mark the ideal fill line for water and cleaning solution while ensuring the basin has the right amount of liquid. The shrouded enclosure keeps hot surfaces away from the operator.

Controls including a large emergency stop are within easy reach and a safety switch shuts the motor down when the lid is opened. Mounted to the underside of the washbasin is an integrated 1.5” brass drain spout with hose connection to easily empty dirty water. Four swivel castors with locks combined with side-mounted handles makes the device easy to move and position.

Mobius Tumbler & Brush Washer Specifications

  • Washer Motor: Ip67 Washdown Rated
  • Motor HP: 1/8 HP
  • Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Power Requirements: Single Phase 115 Volt 1.5 Amps
  • Speed: 72 RPM
  • Motor Safety: UL, CSA, CCC, EN, CE
  • Fits through 32" door: Yes
  • Width: 32"
  • Length: 64"
  • Height: 44"
  • Width: 270 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 Year
  • Safety Featrues: Automatic Shutoff When Lid Is Open Built Using Safety Compliant Components


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