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Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors

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 Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors

If you are looking for replacement parts or warranty questions please contact manufacture directly  (719) 570-9928

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Replace your Fisker hand Scissors now! The Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors are just what your achy hands have been looking for!

Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors
Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors


Product Features
  • Nip Mode: Press the button for a single nip, great for getting in close for those neat and precise clips. The amount the blades open can be adjusted in this mode.
  • Trim Mode: Double-press the button to active trim mode, which will allow you to quickly clean off plant material with the fast electric blades! When in trim mode the Pro Trim Elites use less torque to be safer for you and stray fingers, but be careful, the blades are still sharp!
  • No larger than a hair buzzer and much quieter, the Pro Trim Elites have two buttons in two locations with equal functions, so you can use whichever is strong most comfortable for you!
  • The blades are removable for easy cleaning, and replaceable for when your crazy neighbor Gilbert gets the blades stuck in his wall after trying to play darts with your trusty scissors!
  • The housing of the scissors are very durable, perfect for life in the growyard where it might be kicked around, thrown around, and dragged around.
What's in the Box?
  • 1 Pro Trim Elite Electric Scissors
  • 1 Three Meter Power Cord
  • 1 Extra Set of Blades

Up to 300 Cuts per Minute-

We have learned the faster your hands can open and close the scissors the faster you can trim a plant.  For that reason we made the Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers are adjustable from 150 cuts to 300 cuts per minute.  Now that is some cutting there! Why did we stop at 300 cuts per minute? As we cut and cut with our automatic trimmers we for sure wanted faster. But as we went past 300 we found it to be diminishing returns as they just moved too fast. New to the trimming scene? No need to be afraid of the blades going so fast as we have installed a control wheel so you can slow down the cutting action to half speed. As you get better you can turn it up, like all the way to 11 if you need to! 


We have been trimming herb for over 20 years, so we know blades wear out.   Our blades are made from hardened steel and should last a long time. Sometimes the blades just need to get a deep cleaning, so we made that easy too.  With only 2 screws to remove the blades, we have made the maintenance work, well, not really work.   To make things even better we are throwing in a FREE set of extra blades so you can stay at the top of your game. 


The Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors are designed to do what you do with less stress.  If you know what a stepper motor is you know this is a solid machine.   Stepper motorsare great!  They have no brushes to wear out. Stepper motors are fully programmable and can run a long long time.   These are what they use in industrial CNC machines. The Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors are fully adjustable from 150 cuts to 300 cuts a minute.  Another great feature of the stepper motor is that we can offer the nip mode. Only the Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers feature the same steering sensor found in fully autonomous cars like Tesla cars. Man Tesla was an amazing human!!!!! So is Elan Musk. 


After hours of trimming your had can become a little tired, to say the least.  Well, now all you have to do is hold the herb and hold the Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors and off you go.  The Pro Trim Elite Automatic Trimmers are designed to work as long and hard as you do.


Only the Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors feature a fully automatic mode and a nip mode.  Press the button one time and you can nip the fan leaves out of the buds.  In this mode, we have designed the unit to run at a slower speed. The slower speed allows the Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers to run at the highest torque the stepper motor can do. Press the button 2 times fast and you are fully automatic. Running the Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers in this mode allows the stepper motor to actually have less torque. This is a really neat function that will help prevent nug cuts and also help to reduce the chance of a finger getting cut. One neat design feature of the Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers is that the bottom blade does not move. What this means is that you can ride that blade on a finger. This feature also allows you to use the stationary blade to get in and manicure the flowers with more precision. We do say never put your finger in the blades as they are scissors and designed to cut, at any speed, the blades will have the ability to potentially cut.


These Automatic Scissors we call the Pro Trim Elite's are the only auto trimmers on the market that you can adjust the opening of the nip mode.  Press and hold the button for 5 seconds to activate the program mode.   When you see the exact opening press the button and botta bing! 



Maybe a small feature, maybe not!  The Pro Trim Elite Automatic Scissors feature a cord that if you pull on it, it pulls out of the machine.   This prevents any wires from shorting out in the future.   We want your new Pro Trim Elite Auto Trimmers to last you many many moons. Another benefit of this feature is that in the future we can work on a battery pack to make it mobile.

Works with 110-240 volts AC

The power supply for the Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors is designed to operate from 110 to 240 volts. The power supply is a smart design and knows that you give it and will always give you an output of 15 volts DC. 



The Pro Trim Elite Automatic Trimmers come with a 1-year warranty on the stepper motor and electronics. With our rigorous testing and rock solid design, you can be assured your automatic trimers will work as hard as you do.

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