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Twister T4 Trimmer

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Twister T4 Trimmer Machine Only

trim wet or dry

Twister T4 Trimmer - Variable Speed - Standard 1/4"

What is the variable speed control system?

The variable speed control function of the new Twister T4 allows you to adjust the the speed of the tumbler and the blades to meet the needs of your specific harvest.

Dry flower is lighter, more fragile and can be difficult to dial in the ideal 10-13% moisture content for optimal trimming. Reducing the tumbler speed and vacuum suction will allow a more gentle & softer trim, enabling you to trim even those low-density, delicate flowers you used to hand trim.

Quality and Consistency

– Large-Commercial Scale
– Harvest Size: 50+lbs
– Can be used in a Tandem configuration

The Twister T4 was designed from the ground up to exceed the stringent demands of the most demanding medical facilities on the planet. It’s lightweight, stainless steel design can deliver heavyweight results in any sized medical production. Rather than spending days or weeks of hard work trimming your crop by hand, the same can now be achieved in a matter of hours with the T4!

When you purchase a Twister, you are investing in over ten years of manufacturing experience. Quality is in our DNA. We strive each and every day to build the best equipment on the planet. How do measure this type of quality? Customer Success. T4’s have trimmed over 5 million pounds in the last 10 years. Why grind down the appearance of your flower (with other dry trimmers) when you can keep the natural beauty and quality profile of your flower intact with Twister’s SoftTumble technology.

What's included?

  • Twister T4 Variable Speed Control Trimming Machine
  • Wet or Dry trim tumbler
  • T4 Leaf Collector Bag, White 300 Micron (Inner Bag)
  • T4 Leaf Collector Bag, White 70 Micron (Outer Bag)
  • 3 Year Standard Warranty

Twister T4 Machine Specifications

  • Input Voltage-115
  • Current Draw- 2A
  • Blade Motor-200W / 0.25HP
  • Tumbler Motor- 6W / 1/125HP
  • Cut Height- 0.040" / 1/25 / 1mm
  • Weight- 56lbs / 25.4kg
  • Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector)- 120lbs / 54.4kg
  • Length- 25in / 63.5cm
  • Width- 15in / 38.1cm
  • Height- 16.5in / 42cm
  • Discharge- 5in / 127mm
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