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The Bud Barber- Hand Held Trimmer

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The Bud Barber- Hand Held Trimmer

The Bud Barber- Hand held trimmer

Even plants need a nice cut sometimes! Save time, money and effort with your very own bud barber! The Bud Barber is an automated hand trimmer that helps you achieve that great hand trimmed look with the added help of a machine! The bud barber shaves your time and flowers by hooking up to a 5 gallon shop vac to create a controllable suction drawing the flower into the feed slot which then trims the flower to perfection. The bud barber comes equip with a motor speed controller to help dial in the perfect suction and variable blade speeds to ensure you’re getting the best cut every time! For smaller flowers try lowering the amount of suction on the vacuum and increase the suction as the flowers grow in size to achieve the best results. We recommend running the blade speed at half speed to start! 

How it Works: 
The Bud Barber has two components, one trimming wand with a blade installed into the shaft and one vacuum set up, the vacuum is controlled by a speed controller, and this component hooks into the wand and is what creates your suction to the trimming unit. This can be adjusted depending on the flower structure. Each component must be powered up to use the bud barber. Once running rub the wand over flowers guiding each set of leaves into the wands feed slot. All debris will be sucked through into the vacuum. 

Tips for Use: 
- Tap the wand on a wetted sponge every few branches to help lubricate machine. 
- Use a crock pot with warm water to clean unit 
- Do NOT put hand into trimming unit 
- Adjust suction and blade speed levels to ensure best quality trim 
- Use a 5 gallon shop-vac, larger ones will create too much suction 
- Clean after each use to stop buildup of plant material

"NOT INCLUDED: 5 gallon shop-vac"


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