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Trim'R-matic - Electric HandHeld Trimmer

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Product Code: Trim'R-matic leaf trimmer
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trim r matic electric hand held trimmer

Trim'R-matic - Electric HandHeld Trimmer

Trim'R-Matic The benefits of increased speed for trimming your plants are easy to see and understand, and facilitate in smoother grooming as well better looking plants. Solid, lightweight & convenient


Trim'R-Matic With the grip designed to be easy to hold as well as keep fingers away from the blades, the speed controller as part of the power cords, and good, solid, American construction, the Trim'R-Matic is the way to go. Optimal Safety Trim'R-Matic The Trim'R-Matic features a center blade that stops immediately as soon as something thicker and stonger than a leaf stem get in its way. Built-in speed controller 240 The Trim'R-Matic has a built-in speed controller in the form of a dial, where the user can change the speed from slow to fast and everything in between.

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