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Triminator Leaf- Bud Trimmer

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Triminator Leaf- Bud Trimmer 


Triminator Speed and efficiency are built into every aspect of the Triminator®. From its massive size, to the innovative Resin Repel system, it is built from the ground up to process more material in less time than any other trimmer on the market.

Triminator Trimmer | Triminator | Marijuana Trimmer | Leaf Trimmer


Triminator Dry Trimmer | Triminator | Marijuana Trimmer | Leaf Trimmer

Faster Speed and efficiency are built into every aspect of the Triminator®. From its massive size, to the innovative Resin Repel system, it is built from the ground up to process more material in less time than any other trimmer on the market.

made in the usa

Process More
The Triminator® Monster Drum is the largest in the industry, providing up to 30% more cutting surface than other trimmers, providing a faster, closer trim every time. In fact, the Triminator® is up to 90 times faster than hand trimming and several times faster than the competition. 

Reduced Processing Time
Our Trim Logic trimming system cuts closer, reducing the need for multiple passes, minimizing both handling time and waste. 

Slash Downtime
The Triminator® Resin Repel spray system allows you to clean it less often for increased up-time and reduced cost. When it is time to clean, our simple design eliminates the need to take the machine apart, saving you time and hassles. Our industry leading IP65 rated motors allow you to pressure wash all parts of the machine without fear of degrading the equipment.

Reduce Downtime

Triminator GraphThe Resin Repel self cleaning system cleans while you process to let you focus on managing the rest of the harvest. No more squeaky, sticky drums, no more mandatory hourly cleanings, or frustrating spray bottles. Resin Repel cleans itself…so relax and enjoy your harvest. 

How it Works, the details
The Resin Repel system forces highly pressurized water through mist nozzles above the drum (1) to lightly coat the exterior drum surface with atomized water (2). A microprocessor control center (3) lets the user modify the frequency and duration of the automatic misting intervals to keep the drum perfectly clean no matter the plant type. Simply set the microprocessor, flip the switch and relax while the Resin Repel system cleans automatically for the duration of your trimming session. 

Why it Works
The thin layer of atomized water repels resin by acting as an ever changing and slippery interface between the drum, the cutting reel, and the plant material. Remember the slip and slide you had as a kid? You slid like a champ when it was wet, but if you forgot the hose…look out. It works kind of like that. By denying the otherwise sticky resin a porous surface to adhere to, the atomized water layer keeps the blades of the cutting reel from becoming dull with accumulated plant material and the outside of the drum from becoming a sticky mess. 

Trim Closer, Every Time...Hand Trim Quality 90X Faster

No Bed-Knife = Low Maintenance

Triminator Cleaning SystemTrim Logic Technology allows you to trim closer, providing a hand quality trim at mechanical speeds. With Triminator® you can be sure that you are getting a perfect trim every time, eliminating the need for costly pre-trimming and time consuming hand-trim touch ups.

Our bed-knife free design and simple assembly allow you to pressure wash the entire machine in seconds. Thoughtful engineering prevents excess wear on the blades and drum, eliminates user adjustments and insures a lifetime of high performance trimming from your machine. 

How it works
We designed the Triminator® from the ground up, re-engineering the traditional design to create something more precise and more efficient. We created Trim Logic Technology by removing the bed-knife, and adjusting the cutting reel and drum alignment to allow the drum and reel to come within ".0025″ of an inch of one and other, (approximately the thickness of a human hair). This design mimics scissors with two cutting surfaces shearing against each other providing the industry's closest and most precise trim. 

No bed-knife for easy cleaning · Pressure washable · Disassembles in as little as 10 seconds

Safe and User Friendly
Triminator Belt GuardThe Triminator's® controls are easy to reach, reducing operator fatigue and increasing productivity. Belt guards and covers protect the operator from harm.
  • Easy reach controls and extra-large feed-in tray reduce operator fatigue
  • Industry's first motor brake stops the cutting reel quickly, keeping you safe during operation and cleaning
  • 100% fully covered belts and blades protect fingers and clothing


Peace of Mind Comes Standard

Best in Class 2 Year Warranty
Every Triminator® is backed by our industry leading Trim Tough 2 Year Warranty, insuring you get outstanding performance on every trim. In addition, all Triminator® parts are easily replaceable, affordable, and the entire machine can be serviced well after the warranty period has expired. 

Made in USA
Every Triminator® machine is designed, tested, and built by American craftsmen in our Northern California facility. Maintaining our own manufacturing and assembly process allows us to tightly control our production quality and keep jobs in our local community. 

Rigorously Tested
After years in the equipment manufacturing industry, we understand the importance of quality control and testing. Following the design of a new machine we subject it to hundreds of hours of rigorous testing in the most difficult environments. We require all new designs to be tested in real life conditions by both new and experienced operators to determine any potential points of failure and receive operator feedback. 

Industrial Grade
Hand built from industrial grade components Triminator is made to last 

Automatic Mist System
Our patent pending self-cleaning system keeps the drum clean 

Easy to use control panel
Harvest non-stop with the flip of a switch 

Monster Drum
Trim up to 2.5x faster than other trimmers with the world's largest drum 

Low Maintenance
No bed-knife to adjust, no drum to remove 

Paper thin cutting clearence
Get hand trim quality with the closest cutting clearence in the industry
Additional Information
Name Triminator - Industrial Trimmer System
Shipping Weight (lbs) 100.0000
Warranty 2 Year
MSRP $16,499.00
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