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Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum

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Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum
Product Code: Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum
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Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum

wet or dry trim

The Twister T2S Trimming Machine is here just in time for harvest! With all the power and efficiency of the original T2, this updated version also includes:

Twister T2s Trimming Machine with Trim Saver Vacuum


The Twister T2S Trimming Machine is here just in time for harvest! With all the power and efficiency of the original T2, this updated version also includes:

  • Full Stainless Steel Guarding for both Tumbler & Blades
  • Includes 2 New Tumbler Guards & Upgraded Control Box
  • Guards cover all Pinch Points, preventing access to the sides of the tumbler & rollers on the end plates
  • Stainless Tumbler Guards clean with less effort & have 92% more open area than plastic guard
  • Control Box is fitted with an emergency stop & tumbler guard includes an interlock to shut the machine down if lifted

Trim Up To 19lbs An Hour Dry With The Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Leaf Collector

If you have a large scale commercial grow, the harvest process means its finally time to reap the benefits of your hard work and investment throughout the growing cycle. However, trimming by hand can take weeks, and takes financial investment for a trimming crew.

Or, you could trim up to 19 pounds an hour with the Twister T2S Trimming Machine with Trim Saver! This trimming machine is perfect for commercial growers looking to increase efficiency and automation of their harvest.

What's included?

  • Twister T2S Trimming Machine
  • T2 Trim Saver Vacuum
  • T2 Tumbler Choice (standard or standard and narrow)
  • T2 Hopper
  • T2 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 70 Micron (Inner Bag)
  • T2 Trim Saver Collector Bag, White 40 Micron (Outer Bag)
  • 10 Year Standard Warranty

Corrosion-Resistant Nitrided Blades

Recently, Twister began implementing corrosion-resistant nitrided blades in their trimming machines. While these are more expensive, there are a number of reasons why this was for the better:

  • Hardened Steel
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Materials are approved for contact with food products
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Increased wear resistance
  • 600 hour lifespan depending on environment & operator
  • Less buildup on the blades
  • Blades stay sharp longer

The Twister T2S Provides Industry Best Performance

The Twister T2S was designed to exceed the expectations of a medium to large scale commercial grows. This trimming machine provides maximum performance and seeks to meet industry best performance, with no downtime.

,It is a serious investment, but a positive ROI can usually be achieved in less than one harvest when considering the cost of a trimming crew!



It also features an incredibly powerful motor, capable of consistently delivering the maximum output to meet the demanding production requirements of your trimming sessions.

The T2S tumblers are manufactured with 304 stainless steel. They have a diameter of 6 inches, which minimizes wall crawl and results in the gentle, efficient flow of your flower through the tumbler. Twister never uses Teflon-based PFE-PFTE coatings.

Preserve your trim for extracts with the Twister T2S Trim Saver

The Twister T2S With Trim Saver takes your harvest to the next level, capable of producing extract ready trim.

Whereas most trimming machines mangle your trim and render it useless, the T2S saves it so you can produce top-shelf concentrates.

It uses radial cyclone technology, which creates airflow from a vacuum, effectively bypassing the impeller to preserve your trim so you can make top-shelf concentrates!

The Trim Saver is truly plug-and-play: simply connect the vacuum hose to the trimmer and hit the power switch, it is that simple.

Whether you are trimming wet or dry, you will get maximum separation efficiency of your trim, collecting over 99% of your product in an easy-to-empty collection bin beneath the cyclone.

On top of this, it is very easy to clean, taking less than 2 minutes!

This version of the T2S includes the standard leaf collector vacuum, but if you need to save your trim for extracts, you will be better off with the Twister T2S With Trim Saver!

Twister T2S Machine Specifications

  • Input Voltage -120V
  • Current Draw - 14.8A
  • Blade Motor -1HP, Fan Cooled, Stainless
  • Tumbler Motor - 1/30HP, Epoxy Coated, Watertight
  • Cut Height - 0.040" / 1/25 / 1mm
  • Weight - 215lbs/97.5kg
  • Shipping Weight (complete w/leaf collector) - 420lbs/190kg
  • Length - 42.5in/107.9cm
  • Width - 27.5in/69.9cm
  • Height - 32.5in/82cm
  • Discharge - 6in/152mm

Leaf Collector Specs

  • Input Voltage - 208 / 230V
  • Motor - 2HP, UL & CSA Approved, Fan Cooled
  • Amps (running) - 9A
  • Amps (startup) - 45A
  • Motor Speed - 3450RPM
  • Airflow Capacity - 1700CFM
  • Static Pressure -10.5in of H20
  • Impeller - 12"/305mm
  • Inlet - 6"/153mm
  • Height - 36in / 91.5cm
  • Weight - 123lbs/56kg
  • Circuit Breaker Required - 15A / 240V
  • Connector (plug) - 15A 250V (NEMA 6-15)
  • Sound Rating - 80 db
  • Fused - Yes
  • Maintenance Clean impeller housing frequently. Clean filter bag.
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