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Zoom – Double Barrel Trimmer

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Zoom Technologies * High performance, commercial trimming machine * Large double barrel capacity for high volume


Zoom double barrel trimmer

The Zoom Advantage Double Barrel Zoom Double Barrel Zoom


Double Barrel Zoom

  • Warranty 1 year
  • Trimmer Type Gravity Fed Tumbler-Style
  • Processing Style Wet or Dry
  • Performance 40-50 lbs Per Hour
  • Leaf Collector 3 HP Motor
  • More than twice the cutting capacity of any other machines on the market

  • Large double barrels for large scale trimming capacity and high volume throughput

  • Patent pending geometry for extreme cutting capacity and efficiency

  • Adjustable barrel speed control for precision cutting of different crop varieties

  • Self sharpening blades for maintenance free long life

  • Large diameter reel for exceptional cutting action

  • 14 blades delivering over 49,000 cuts per minute

  • 60% more cfm air flow for better cutting performance and less waste

  • Stainless steel removable induction shrouds

  • Precision adjustable tumbler and bed knives for precision cutting

  • Jacks for precise incline adjustment, stability and quick setup

  • Durable finish for easy cleaning

  • Water tight, sealed high quality industrial drive motors for wash down

  • Commercial designed with superior parts & workmanship

  • Durable and easy to move the Zoom around with 10″ wheels

  • Quick cleaning with easy to remove barrels & shrouds – no tools required

  • Folding handles for easy movability and storage

What is the Zoom?

The Zoom is the only double barrel commercial trimming machine designed specifically to give you the best performance for the value for large scale growers. The Zoom is recognized for its high capacity and reliability with the unique patent pending geometry. The Zoom machine allows you to cut much faster than with two barrels separately or in tandem. The Zoom machine increased capacity is from the improved barrels & reel geometry, size, patent pending cutting geometry and is offered at a very reasonable price.

Why do I need the Zoom?

The Zoom will substantially reduce the number of workers you’ll need to harvest your crops allowing you to increase your crop size with less work. It’s quick and easy setup allows you to adjust barrel speed and barrel slope for the optimal performance. The Zoom greatly reduces the time you spend harvesting and makes your job easier and less stressful, while saving you time and money. If you want a serous solution for trimming your harvest the most efficient way, then the Zoom Double Barrel Trimming Machine is for you.

The Zoom Comparison



The Zoom

Example of Competition Machines


Two barrels (patent pending)
Barrel speed control – variable
Large 7″ diameter cutting reel
49,000 cuts per minute
Greater than 2.5 times more cuts per second
Large diameter barrels (2)
118% more barrel cutting surface
160rpm max barrel speed (2x faster)
Spiral barrel slots (patent pending)
2 – 6″ discharge vacuum ports
3hp vacuum – dual bag system
2800cfm air intake
58% more cubic feet per minute vacuum airflow
Two adjustable jacks for slope and stability
10” heavy duty wheels

One barrel
No barrel speed control – on / off
Small diameter cutting reel
Less than half the cuts per minute
Much fewer cuts per second
Small diameter barrel (1)
Much less barrel cutting surface
60 – 80rpm nonadjustable barrel speed
Straight horizontal barrel slots
1 – 5″ or 2- 4″ discharge vacuum ports
1hp – 2hp vacuum – one bag
1200 – 1750cfm air intake
Low cfm vacuum airflow intake
No jacks or stabilizers
4″ – 8” wheels


The Double Barrel Zoom Has Self Sharpening Blades

Double Barrel Zoom

Input voltage


Current draw


Circuit breaker size

20A / single pole


300lbs / 136kgs


50.6” / 128.5cm

Length w/o hopper

37.7” / 95.7cm


32.4” / 82.3cm

Width w/o wheels & axel

25.8” / 65.5cm


37.2” / 94.5cm

Discharge outlets

2 – 6” / 15.2cm

3hp dual bag vacuum for the best performance

Zoom Vacuum

Input voltage



3HP / 2.2W



Motor Speed

3450 RPM

Airflow capacity

2800 CFM

Circuit breaker size

20A / double pole



Specifications subject to change without notice.


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Name Zoom Technologies – Double Barrel Trimmer
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