Tom's Tumbler 2200 Kief Net

Tom's Tumbler 2200 Kief Net

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Product Code:Tom's Tumbler 2200 Kief Net
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Tom's Tumbler 2200 Kief Net

Tom's Tumbler 2200 Kief Net

Turn your Tumble Trimmer into a pollinator with our Kief Nets.  After trimming your product, put the keif net on to the Tumble Trimmer barrel, put in your trim (best if frozen) with a little bit of dry ice, put on the dust cover and tumble!  In seconds you will have kief in your bag and dust cover.  Easy to gather from the vinyl cover and clear bag.  
Now we have two microns to choose from:  110 and 151 micron. 

We warranty all products, parts and motors for one year, normal use. If, any of your trimmer breaks, we will repair it or send you a new one immediately. This warranty does not cover trimmers used as rental units].  

Please contact us immediatly with any questions.  The Tumble Trimmer is proven effective when assembled and used according to capacity and timing guidelines.  All sales are final.  When used properly, the trimmer is 100% effective as described.

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