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Centurion Pro Electropolish Wet Tumbler

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Electropolished Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler WET OR DRY

The Wet Tumbler is an elite CenturionPro product that maximizes productivity using elite trimming technology. This highly sought after product is a leader in the wet marijuana trimming product industry as it removes the biggest of fan leaves with a single pass.

Introducing our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler!

This tumbler replaces our old tumbler system, which included one tumbler for wet trimming and one tumbler for dry trimming using different slot patterns.
After extensive testing, we've determined that our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler is better at trimming wet than our old wet tumbler and better at trimming dry than our old dry tumbler. As a result, effective immediately, all orders will now be automatically upgraded for free to our new Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler.
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