Bubble Now XL Machine 20 gallon

Bubble Now XL Machine 20 gallon

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Product Code:Bubble Now XL
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Bubble Now XL Machine (20 gallon)

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Bubble Now XL Machine. Use this machine with our 20 gallon Bubble Bags for fast, easy, and top notch results. Comes with large 220 micron screen bag.

This machine has a pump to drain the water into your Bubble Bags. Large capacity, yet lightweight and portable at only 33 pounds.

You will need a set of Bubble Bags to use with this machine.

The Bubble Now XL machine can process up to 2 pounds of plant material at a time, and is designed for use with our 20 Gallon Bubble Bags.

Approximate Dimensions: 31" x 17" x 17"

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