Bubble Now washing machine

Bubble Now washing machine

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Bubble Now washing machine 


Bubble Now washing machine

Bubble Now Machine - NEW & IMPROVED MODEL

June 2018 update: This new machine is of higher quality all around! We worked with our manufacturer to tweak a few details to make the machine work best for our purposes. Gentle agitation, slighly bigger bucket for better water and ice distribution, solid materials, improved bucket seal to avoid leakage, more attention to finishing, lid clicks up in the open position, higher quality knobs and internal mechanism, with better quality control overall.

The Bubble Now washing machine produces better quality Bubble, in less time and with less mess than ever before! Its gentle agitation results in a top quality extract every time - a huge improvement over hand mixing.

Kit includes:

  • Bubble Now machine (designed for use with our 5 gallon Bubble bags)
  • 220 micron zipper bag for use inside the machine.


  • You will need to own a set of Bubble Bags to collect your extract.
  • The Bubble Now machine can process up to 8 ounces of plant material at a time, and is designed for use with our 5 Gallon Bubble Bags.
  • This machine has a 110 volt motor for use in North America. It is also available in a 220 volt model for the UK market.
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