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CPS TRS21 Anti-spark/explosion pump

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CPS TRS21 Anti-spark/explosion pump
Brand: Best Value Vacs/Closed Loop/Rotary
Product Code: CPS TRS21 Anti-spark/explosion pump
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CPS TRS21 Anti-spark/explosion pump

CPS TRS21 Anti-spark/explosion pump

The TRS21 is an Anti-Spark/Explosion pump designed and built specifically for R-600, Ignition Proof Construction meets ANSI/ISA 12:12.1

The pump can be used to recirculate the solvent through the system increasing speed of processing and yield, or just to reclaim the solvent to greatly increase recovery time to minutes.

Key Features:
• CPS TRS21 R-600 Recovery Pump, 2 Cylinder Oil-Less Compressor

• Recovery Rates: Vapor- 2.5lb/min, Liquid-12lb/min
• Ignition Proof Construction ANSI/ISA 12:12.1
• Power : 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 Amps
• Power: 850 watts 
• Filtration: Internal 100 mesh Screen integrated into Suction Port
• Weight : 24 LBS

Please note regular maintenance and replacement of seals is NOT covered under warranty as these are normal wear and tear items. Compressor Seals will require re-build after 200-240hrs of operation, depending on use. We stock the following compatible rebuild kits for your convenience:
• TR21X1 Valve Rebuild Kit
• TR21X2 Complete Rebuild Kit
• TR21X3 Piston Rebuild Kit
• TR21X4 Head Rebuild Kit

***DISCLAIMER TO CUSTOMER: Running any solvent that is not authorized by CPS voids all warranty. Running any solvent mixed with any organic plant material will instantly void all warranty. Any Odor coming from the pump or organic plant residuals will also void all warranty.

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