Medxtractor Disruptor 16

Medxtractor Disruptor 16

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Medxtractor Disruptor 16


Unit is shipped direct from manufacture in Canada.

Manufacture requires buyers social security number for customs. Please be aware of this before checkout. 

Medxtractor Disruptor 16

Available in Certified* and non-Certified Versions


Maximum Operating Pressure: 1600 psi.

Modes: subcritical (liquid) or supercritical.

Applicability: process up to 30lbs/month (60lbs rosin chips).

Expandable: Expand capacity by purchasing multiple units. Multiple Disruptor purchases qualify for additional discounts.*

* Contact the company for details

++ Shipping Notes: Shipping typically ranges between $250 and $500 (depending on which extractor is purchased and where it is being shipped to). After your order is paid we will send you the Operating Manual and the crating & shipping cost. If within 48 hours of receipt of these items you decide you don’t want to proceed we will immediately refund 100% of your money.


Included with the 16oz Disruptor:

Collector Heater

When CO2 rapidly decompresses during collection, significant heat is required to keep the CO2 from freezing into dry ice. Using the base configuration of the 2oz and 5 oz collectors (i.e. without the collector heater) this is usually accomplished by setting the collector in a small, water-filled metal container that sits on a hot plate. Using the digitally-controlled heater simplifies the heat transfer and eliminates the water pot and hot plate.


If you do not have this option, you will have to manually manipulate the decompression valve during decompression/collection. This means that it will either take much longer to decompress/collect or you will have to be present all through the process – this will be hours. Auto-flush allows to to set the decompression  timing and then leave. You only have to attend when CO2 tanks are being changed and/or when you collect the extract. This is a huge benefit.

CO2 Transfer Fitting

While the extractors are set up to recapture the vast majority of the CO2, some CO2 will be lost during tank swaps and extractor decompression during raw material load changes and extract collection. Also, when extractions are done, not all of the CO2 in the Supply Tank may be used and the system can get “out of balance”. The CO2 Transfer Fitting allows you to:

  1. “top-up” the system by connecting a third “standby” tank – using a standby tank means you only ever have to take one take back for refilling – more convenient; and
  1. directly connect the Supply Tank to the Recapture tank to balance the system.


Isolation Valves

These valves save CO2 and time by allowing tanks swaps, CO2 transfers and top-ups without having to decompress the system.


Items to be supplied by the customer:

3 X 20lb aluminum CO2 tanks with dip-tubes if possible. If no dip-tube tanks are available, the CO2 tanks will need to be turned upside down and secured to prevent fallover. CO2 to be beverage-grade and available from Praxair, AirLiquide, or almost any welding shop. Empty tanks can be bought via Amazon –

1 X minimum 5 cubic foot household-type chest freezer – to be dedicated to the extractor. If you will be running continuous extractions it will be better to use a 7+ cubic foot freezer – freezers are available at Home Depot, Costco, etc. – usually starting at around $200.

Minimum 20 gallons of anti-freeze – preferably ethanol-based – “plumbers” or “Recreational Vehicle” anti-freeze is best. If you will be running continuous extractions it will be better to use 30 gallons of anti-freeze.


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Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 19 × 11 in
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