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EzCure Curing Cabinet by EZtrim

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EZCURE Cabinet by EZtrim 

EzTrim Curing Cabinet
Ezcure Curing Cabinet

The EZCure Curing Cabinet ensures that your product dries in the right environment. Equipped with a thermometer, humidifier and dehumidifier, the Curing Cabinet is completely sealed, enclosed, and lockable. Your product will now dry in a dark, controlled and secured environment. Simply program the controls to your desired humidity and the cabinet will do the rest. The Cure Cabinet is designed to stabilize the environment evenly throughout. Puling air through the middle of your product causes the product on the trays at the bottom or the top of the unit to dry faster than the others. The air that is being pulled through the curing cabinet is only moving around the outsides of the trays and not up through the middle, allowing the cabinet to maintain a consistent humidity throughout. You can also set alarms to alert you if the environment has changed outside of the parameters you set.



Product Features

  • Humidity controlled - Temperature and humidity gauge stabilizes the interior environment to your preferred settings
  • Light tight - Completely dark environment
  • Outside Air Dehumidification - Extra option available for extreme environments
  • Multiple Strains - Cures the same strain or different strains at different humidity levels in the same room
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Humidifier Reservior
  • Re-Hydrates Buds
  • Products Specs:
  • Can hold up to 15 pounds
  • Stabilizes your environment anywhere in your grow
  • Input voltage - 120 volts
  • Current draw - 2 amps
  • Hertz - 60
  • Assembled dimensions - L 27" W 21" H 78"
  • Weighs about 100 lbs
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