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Grasshopper Cannabis Protector

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Grasshopper Cannabis Protector
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Grasshopper cannabis Protector

Nothing can protect your cannabis like The Grasshopper Protector.


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Oxygen in the air, static electricity, vapor transfer, light, humidity and temperature all play a part in determining how long cured cannabis will maintain its integrity and quality.
The Grasshopper Protector addresses these factors in order to maintain your cannabis to the highest standards until you are ready to use it.
Air is the biggest single problem for long term storage of cannabis. The Grasshopper Protector is designed to address and solve the problems associated with air. It utilizes Modified Atmosphere Packaging and alters the composition of the internal atmosphere of its barrier bags in order to extend the integrity and shelf life of cannabis. The Grasshopper Protector re-balances the atmosphere in its barrier bags by using the compensated vacuum technique. It evacuates 99.5 percent of the air and then infuses the barrier bag with 100 percent nitrogen (an inert gas). By modifying the internal atmosphere to pure nitrogen the growth of aerobic organisms and oxidation is eliminated.

Since the cannabis is not stored in a vacuum, but in a pure nitrogen atmosphere, it is not crushed. In the case of storing buds the amount of nitrogen in the barrier bag is increased to create a cushion-like buffer against damage; a pillow pack. Pillow packs filled with nitrogen are used for potato chips to maintain their freshness while protecting the fragile chips. The Grasshopper Protector does the same for cannabis.
Some plastics bags used for food storage will generate static electricity when rubbed up against many materials. If static electricity is produced near cannabis it will attract the trichomes. That is why it is usually recommended that cannabis not be stored in plastic bags, since any static electricity will make the cannabis less potent.
The Grasshopper Protector addresses this concern by not using plastic bags, but using barrier bags with an anti-static material. The material contains additives that effectively eliminate the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing and shipping.

A disadvantage of storing cannabis in a typical plastic bag is vapor migration. The term “migration” refers to the diffusion of substances from a zone of higher concentration, such as the inside of a plastic bag, to one of a lower concentration, such as the air outside of the plastic bag. This migration is indicative of the stored cannabis losing its scents and flavors into the air.
To ensure this does not happen with the bags used by The Grasshopper Protector the barrier bags are multi-layer films that have been designed to be impervious to gas migration. Like bags used for packaging potato chips, the barrier bags used by The Grasshopper Protector are gas barrier bags.
It is always said not to store cannabis in light. What is really meant is not to expose the cannabis to ultraviolet light (UV). In the case of cannabis, ultraviolet light has the effect of slowly vaporizing the THC and CBD from the cannabis and ultimately adversely affecting its potency.

An often-cited study published by the University of London found light to be “the greatest single factor in loss of cannabinoids.” A study at the Boston University School of Medicine showed that cannabis stored over a one-year period had a 36 percent decrease in THC when stored in the light compared to a 13 percent decreased when stored in a dark environment.
All bags used by the Grasshopper Protector provide UVA absorption through the 390 nanometer range achieving complete protection from UV light wave damage and degradation when stored properly. While the barrier bags shield the contents from ultraviolet light by having one side foil, the barrier bags are transparent on the other side making the contents clearly visible.
When cannabis is stored the relative humidity must be closely monitored. Too much moisture in the air will make cannabis susceptible to mildew and mold. Too little moisture will result in the trichomes becoming brittle and the essential oils drying out, which will degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes even if the air temperature is optimal. Research suggests that a relative humidity level between 59 percent and 63 percent is ideal to keep cannabis fresh in terms of potency, aroma, flavor, texture and color.

Monitoring the humidity level of cannabis while it is stored in an air tight container is not always easy. However, failure to monitor the humidity level in the container and adjust it to the proper levels will result in the cannabis drying out over time.
Humidity is not an issue with The Grasshopper Protector. In the Modified Atmosphere Packaging used by The Grasshopper Protector all of the air is removed from the barrier bag and replaced with the inert gas nitrogen. Unlike air, nitrogen gas contains no water; therefore, there is no humidity to monitor.
Nothing can protect your cannabis like The Grasshopper Protector.

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