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Toms Tumbler Take Away Belt Conveyor

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Toms Tumbler Take Away Belt Conveyor
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Toms Tumbler Take Away Belt Conveyor

Toms Tumbler Take Away Belt Conveyor

Food grade conveyors are a must-have for any flower trimming process. At Tom’s Tumble Trimmers, we know that not all conveyors are created equal. That is why we take pride in our Python stainless steel take away belt conveyor, built with premium-quality materials to prevent contamination and other issues that can arise from using lower-quality parts.

Our take away conveyor keeps your process clean while minimizing the risk of contaminating your product. You can add two for each exit chute to maximize your efficiency. This will eliminate the fast-paced manual work of placing and removing bins from the bud chute and trim chute.

Powder-coated stainless steel frame and catch system for maximum durability
Heavy-duty build for long-lasting service
Easy-to-use and low maintenance
Eliminates a lot of manual work
When it comes to ensuring proper trimming of your product, you'll want a conveyor belt that is designed for efficiency. The takeaway belt conveyor from Tom’s Tumbler Trimming will take your trimmed product away quickly, so you can begin the next step in processing with no delay. It's designed to fit any of our industrial Python trimmers.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing product trimming equipment or take your business to the next level, we have a solution that will take you there. Tom’s Tumbler Trimmer's take away belt conveyor is one of the many options we offer.

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